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Ravana Samhita Mantra To Become Rich Ravana Money Upay Increase Income

Ravana Sanhita: Whenever Ravana is mentioned, the image of a monster, a creature crushed by ego, emerges, but it is said about Ravana’s knowledge that there is no other creature on earth with equal intellect. Along with being a demon, he was also a learned scholar, tantrik and astrologer.

Ravana knew very well that there is a lot of power in mantras, he pleased Lord Shiva by chanting mantras. Ravana has composed Shiv Tandav Stotra and Ravana Samhita. Many astrological secrets are described in Ravana Samhita, in which the mantras to become rich have been told, it is said that the locks of luck of those who follow them are opened.

Learn the mantra to become rich from Ravana (Ravana Samhita Mantra)

Income is not increasing, there are obstacles in the way of progress ‘Om Yakshaya Kuberaya Vaishravanaya, Dhan Dhanyadhipataye Dhan Dhanyadhipataye Dehi Dapay Swaha in prosperity.’ Chant 108 times. Keep one penny with you during chanting and chant this mantra daily for three months. After completion of chanting, keep the penny in the vault or money place. This is beneficial for increasing wealth. Keep in mind that while chanting the mantra, it is necessary to have cleanliness of the mind along with the body.

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To attract Lakshmi: ‘Om Hree Shree Kleem Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati Mamgruhe Aagachha-Aagachha Hree Namah:’ – If you want to become rich according to Ravana Samhita, chant this mantra 108 times at midnight on some special dates like Makar Sankranti, Holi, Akshay Tritiya, Krishna Janmashtami, Mahashivaratri and Diwali. Due to this negativity does not wander around and Lakshmi is attracted.

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Recover lost money : ‘Om Namo Vighnavinashaya Nidhi Darshan Kuru Kuru Swaha.’ – There is a decrease in wealth, are worried about money, if the time has come to take a loan, then chant this mantra 10,000 times. With this, Lakshmi resides permanently in the house and there are chances of getting the lost money.

The way of progress will open: ‘Om Hree Shree Klein Namah Dhwa: Dhwa: Swaha’ – This mantra has the ability to destroy every obstacle coming in progress. According to Ravana Samhita, chanting this mantra under the Bargaj tree continuously for 21 days proves it. The number of chanting this mantra should be 1100 daily, it makes the way to get money easy.

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To get rid of financial crisis: ‘Om Saraswati Ishwari Bhagwati Mata Kra Kleen, Shree Shree Mam Dhanam Dehi Phat Swaha.’ This mantra composed by Ravana is considered infallible to solve every money related problem. If you are not able to save money, money gets spent as soon as it comes, then chant this mantra everyday at the same time and place for a quarter of a month.

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