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Rajasthan Jaipur Nahargarh Fort Best Place To See Sunset In Monsoon

Nahargarh Fort: It is the rainy season and if you are planning to visit, then one of the best places is Rajasthan. Known for its royal beauty, this destination is filled with tourists throughout the year, but in the monsoon season, its Sightseeing becomes awesome. There are many such places where you can visit. One of these is the Nahargarh Fort of Jaipur. The view of the sunset from this fort is so beautiful that every day thousands of tourists from all over the country and abroad reach here.

Nahargarh Fort is considered a haunted place

Nahargarh Fort is named after Nahar Singh Bhomia. For this reason, many people also consider it as a haunted place. It is said that when this fort was being built, there were many obstacles while building it. After this a temple was built inside the fort in the memory of Nahar Singh and his soul was pacified. After which the further work was completed. There are many temples inside this fort, one of which is by the name of Nahar Singh Bhomia and the rest of the rulers of Jaipur. The wall of this fort extends for several kilometers.

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beautiful view of sunset

The evening view becomes very beautiful in this fort situated in the Pink City. Sunset point is made here. To see which a large number of tourists reach here every day. Everyone wants to see a glimpse of the setting sun here, because its beauty is amazing. It is a sight set in the eyes.

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When to visit Nahargarh Fort

Monsoon is the most special time to visit Nahargarh Fort. The time from drizzling rain to March is the best. Because at this time the temperature here is low and the weather is pleasant. So in this time you can enjoy everything from sunset here.

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how to reach

If you want to go here by plane, then after reaching Jaipur airport, you will get a taxi or bus from here. Its distance from the airport is 7 kms. To go by train, you can take a ticket to any railway station from Jaipur, Gandhinagar and Durgapur. Then from here you can reach Nahargarh by taxi or bus. If you want to go by your car or any other vehicle, then you can choose different routes. If you want to reach by another car, then Rajasthan Transport Corporation buses are available till Fort.

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