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Railway Update: Railway has lost Rs 62 crore due to the travel of MPs,…

Railway Update: Indian Railways had banned all types of discounts on tickets during the Corona period, but the facility of discount was on for the current and former members of the Lok Sabha. In the last 5 years, MPs have to bear a burden of Rs 62 crore on free travel in trains. Former MPs are also eligible to travel free of cost in AC-2 tier with their companions or alone in AC-1 tier.

Under the Right to Information (RTI) in this regard, Madhya Pradesh activist Chandrashekhar Gaur had sought information from the Lok Sabha Secretariat. In response, it was found that in the year 2017-18 and 2021-22, a bill of Rs 35.21 crore has been made by the Railways in lieu of the travel of the sitting MPs. At the same time, a bill of Rs 26.82 crore has come for the travel of former MPs. Overall, the Railways has suffered a loss of Rs 62.03 crore.

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Revelation in RTI 
According to information received in RTI, during the global epidemic of Corona in the year 2020-21, about Rs 2.5 crore has been spent on such trips. The sitting MPs are eligible for free travel in first class air-conditioned class or executive class of railways. Their spouses can also travel free of charge subject to certain conditions.

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Take advantage even during the Corona period
Responding to RTI, it was said that MPs and former MPs also used railway passes in the year 2020-21 in the outbreak of the epidemic, their bill respectively. : Rs 1.29 crore and was Rs 1.18 crore. Railways has banned many types of discounts given to different categories of passengers including senior citizens, due to which some people are also angry. The move to end the subsidy given to senior citizens from the Railways has been heavily criticized.

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