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India’s Youngest Female Ceo Radhika Gupta Success Story

Ceo Radhika Gupta: Radhika Gupta is one of the youngest CEO, sometimes fed up with the circumstances, thought of suicide

Today, women are waving their flag from the administrative service to the industry. To become IAS-PCS, if you are achieving success by preparing hard and passing tough exams of UPSC, then fighting many difficult phases and struggles of life, she is taking business and industry to the heights with her hard work. Today, one of the similar entrepreneurial women of India has become the owner of food chain restaurants worth crores by running a handcart, while being the CEO of a big company has become a source of jobs for many people. One such woman entrepreneur is Radhika Gupta. The story of Radhika Gupta inspires not to give up in the face of difficulties. There can be many people in life who make fun of you, your shortcomings and your skills, but your hard work can become the answer to all their jokes or criticisms. Radhika Gupta has also done something similar, from which those who make fun of her today take inspiration from her. Let us know the success story of the youngest female CEO Radhika Gupta.

Who is Radhika Gupta

Radhika Gupta is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Edelweiss Global Asset Management Limited Company. Radhika is also one of the youngest CEO of India. At the age of just 33, he made this achievement his name. At this age, Radhika reached the heights of success and set an example for everyone. But this road to success was not easy. Radhika had to struggle a lot in her life.

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Life struggle of Radhika Gupta

Actually Radhika Gupta was suffering from physical problems. As a child, he had to face mockery in school because of his crooked neck and language. He himself narrated his ordeal through a post on a social media. Radhika’s father was a diplomat. Because of this, Radhika was educated in India, Pakistan, America and Nigeria. While studying in school here, classmates used to make fun of him because of the Indian accent in his language, while he had to listen a lot because of the crooked neck.

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Radhika got stressed due to lack of job

Radhika’s mother also taught in the same school where Radhika studied. In such a situation, everyone used to compare Radhika with her mother. He was told that he was ugly compared to his mother. This broke Radhika’s confidence. After that when she was giving job interview in search of job, she failed in 7 consecutive interviews. Here too he was disappointed. All these difficulties made Radhika weak and thought of committing suicide.

In an interview, Radhika told that she was about to jump out of her window when her friends stopped her. Seeing his stressful condition, he was taken to the psychiatrist. Here he was treated for depression. After treatment, she went to interview again for a job and this time she got a job at McKenzie.

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CEO of the company made in 33 years

Changes began to take place in his life. Three years later, when she was 25, she returned home and started an asset management firm with her husband and friend. It was later acquired by Edelweiss MF. Later Radhika applied for the post of CEO in Edelweiss and in just 6 months she was elected as the CEO of Edelweiss.



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