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Putin Answers Us Questions Mothers Of Russian Soldiers Fighting In Ukraine To…

Mothers of Russian Soldiers: It has been more than 9 months since the Russia-Ukraine war started. In such a situation, now the mothers and wives of Russian soldiers have also started raising questions. These people demand that the time has come to fulfill the promises made by President Vladimir Putin and he should fulfill them. Videos are also being posted on social media regarding this, which are going viral. So right there, Vladimir Putin told a group of mothers of soldiers fighting in Ukraine on Friday that Russia would achieve the goals of its military campaign. Putin said, “We must achieve our goals and in the end we will achieve them.”

Recently there was talk that the Kremlin would now send well-trained people from Russia to fight the war in Ukraine. Since then anger and anxiety have arisen in Russia. After some time, an atmosphere of anarchy started building up and this discussion also came to an end. Amidst all this, Vladimir Putin, taking this concern seriously, has made up his mind to meet a group of soldiers’ mothers and wives.

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Mothers react to Putin’s move

So there, some relatives of the soldiers have made up their mind to boycott it even before this meeting. These people believe that a clear discussion will not be possible on this platform. So on the other hand, Olga Tsukanova, an activist mother on this matter, said that the President would take out his time to meet some mothers who would be able to ask the right questions and thank them. as always. Her son is in the Russian army and she wants to make sure he is not sent to Ukraine.

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News Reels

Olga Tsukanova, calling President Vladimir Putin by his second name, said that I am not alone. Invite us Vladimirovich. So on the other hand, analysts say that this situation has put the Kremlin in trouble. While the authorities have cracked down on political dissent during the war with Ukraine.

Patin was criticized even two decades ago

This time is full of difficulties for Putin. In August 2000, the submarine Kursk was sunk in which 118 crew members drowned. Even at that time, Putin had given a slow response and was a victim of criticism. In such a situation, if Putin repeats the same mistake again, then the memories of his mistake made two decades ago will be refreshed. Two wars in Chechnya have given rise to the movement of these mothers, which has now become a thorn in the side of the Kremlin. So the environment has also changed, there is no independent media left in the country which can directly criticize Putin. This has been banned.

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