PUBG Mobile Graphics Settings To Stop Lag and Improve Gaming Experience

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PUBG Mobile Graphics Settings To Stop Lag: 

I know how hard it is to control rage while playing PUBG and your mobile lags. It’s the most frequent and common problem that happens almost with every PUBG game lovers. Today through this post I will tell you how you can minimize the lags and improve the gaming experience. I will provide you the exact settings that I use while playing PUBG Game on my smartphone.

PUBG is one of the most addictive trending mobile game popular worldwide. Every day millions of people are actively engaged with this game to win chicken dinner.

As you already know that PUBG is pretty complex and big sized application, it requires a decent device to run properly. If you have Android 5.1.1 or later so long as it has 2GB of RAM will be good to go.

But as per my personal experience, a good powerful processor is required to run the game smoothly, I will recommend at least a Snapdragon processor.

Sometime the lags may be caused due to high ping on servers, so you should select the server which has the lowest pings, let’s say between 50 to 150. Not more than 150 or else the game will be choppy.

Ok, now its time for Graphics settings, I usually keep my Graphics settings to medium, and it works for me, but I cannot give you guaranty whether this will work for you or not. So you can give try and see

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PUBG Mobile Graphics Settings To Stop Lag

To change PUBG Mobile graphics settings click on the settings icon located at the top right corner of your mobile display in PUBG mobile home screen.

Now click on the graphics option from the menu visible on the right side,

PUBG Mobile Graphics Settings To Stop Lag
PUBG Mobile Graphics Settings To Stop Lag

choose the “Balanced” from the Graphics option and choose the “Low” frame rate.

I usually play with the colorful option as it gives me a clearer view, to spot enemies. you can choose any of the options which you find will work for you.

PUBG Mobile Graphics Settings To Stop Lag
PUBG Mobile Graphics Settings To Stop Lag

Another thing I do is I keep my sensitivity settings to “Medium”. It gives me more control over my Aiming and shooting ranged enemies. as well as more control over snipping.

There is also another solution to the lag problem, which is using external tools. You can use GFX tool as well as some game booster apps,

GFX Tool (previously Graphic Tool for Battlegrounds) is a useful tool which allows you to unlock Full HD graphics, 60 FPS and other graphics settings for PUBG Mobile.

GFX Tool is currently available only on Android and is compatible with both Chinese and international versions of the game.

PUBG Mobile Graphics Settings To Stop Lag

Step 1: Download and install GFX Tool via this link

Step 2: Close PUBG Mobile if it’s currently running before starting GFX Tool

Step 3: Start customizing graphics settings for PUBG Mobile

  • Version: Select the latest version there is of PUBG Mobile on Google Play.
  • Graphics: Select resolution and graphics quality that match your device’s capability.
  • FPS: Frame per second, ideally set it to 60 FPS.
  • Unlock HD: There are 3 options available: Classic, Colorful và Realistic. This could make the game “heavier” if activated.

PUBG Mobile Graphics Settings To Stop Lag

Step 4: Once everything is set, click on Accept. The app then plays a video ad, after that the settings should be applied.

PUBG Mobile Graphics Settings To Stop Lag

In case you encounter any problem with the game while playing, click on Repair button in-game, close the game and restart GFX Tool.

PUBG Mobile Graphics Settings To Stop Lag

Hope you successfully solved the lag issue, if you have any solution other then this, do share it with us. Thank you for visiting.

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