3 Ways to Protect Your Artwork Images

3 Ways to Protect Your Artwork Images
Written by Rohan Mathew

Today, many artists and content creators get frustrated with the cheaters who steal their efforts and use them for further aims. Well, no doubt, after creating an artwork, there remains uncertainty about whether or not their pictures are safe online. 

Inside the web world, you will come across billions of evolving images. Many are constantly circulating! Knowing who the publisher is and where images are publishing is something important for artists and content creators. 

We shall discuss the technique that could help you in fact-checking. And most grandly, we will also teach you how to protect your artwork images in this modern time.

So, if you are getting curious to dig deeper into it, then flip through this post till the bottom line!

Protect Your Artwork Images by Using Three Easy Ways

Yet, there are some ways you can follow to protect your images (and your copyright property) if you have to publish your artwork pictures on the internet. We have jotted down the three tested and practical ways that will help you a lot. So, don’t rush and ignore; scroll down and start reading!

Way#1: Add a Copyright Notice in the image

There is no doubt that if someone has deep and robust aims, then nothing can stop him/her. Likewise, including copyright notice won’t stop the people who already don’t like to respect the laws. Anyone who decided to steal your product will steal it no concern what type of copyright sign you apply. However, add a copyright notice on every image and make it noticeable enough. Somebody who might not be aware of the act will take a moment to rethink what they are precisely about to do. 

So, try to make your copyright notice clear so that everyone can know that your images are not for any other purpose and you are keeping an eye on them. You can include your name solely and add your web address to keep track of finding images copied with the copyright notice.

Way#2: Add a watermark in the image

Nobody wants to give credit, especially when they are stealing for any other aims. Adding your watermark could be a robust and unremovable copyright notice that publicizes your brand when publishing on any platform. You can include a watermark in your Artwork by adding your name or your brand’s logo. 

Typically, a watermark embraces much of the image with a semi-transparent logo, icon, or letters that make the design less worthwhile without completely covering it. You can easily add watermarks to almost any photos you like. You can use different colors to highlight the watermark. However, the preferable one is a red color as it highlights the importance of something.

Way#3: Disable the right-click plugin

If you run your website, and mainly if you use to post your Artwork there, you have a fantastic option to protect your images. Many websites contain functions such as right-clicking plugin. You can disable it to lock your photos. Once you disable the plugin, it will make it a little harder for users to save and grab your pictures to their devices. 

Unfortunately, the ones who have already decided to steal from you will find a way (taking screenshots) to steal from your site no matter whatever you do. 

Use Reverse Image Search to keep track of your image and spot cheaters directly!

We want you to practice everything you can to preserve your pictures online, but be conscious that some cheaters will discover a way throughout your safeguards. The fantastic way to keep track of your images and spot the cheaters right at the moment with proof is to conduct a reverse image search regularly. The reverse image search engine is a technique that takes you to the particular image origin that you desire. It is a process in which you find similar and identical images and the publisher info using images. Anyone can conduct this technique efficiently with the help of online web tools. Some of the unique and widely used tools are as follows:

  • Duplichecker

It is a user-friendly and free reverse photo search tool that offers a quick and authentic facility to Find Similar Images in seconds. Duplichecker’s reverse image search uses AI technology that provokes the system to match the query image from all across the internet and fetch accurate results for you! Upload any desired Artwork image in the input query box and click on the search button. This image finder will serve with similar origins and pictures. 

  • TinEye

It is another reputable and top-notch tool facilitating advanced features to conduct reverse search images on the go. It is an old and best-known tool that works with modern algorithms and matches queries with databases and all across the board. Drop the image URL or upload an image directly. The results you desire will be in front of your screen in minutes!

Beautiful Readers! So, this is how you can protect and keep track of your Artwork images without any hassles!

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