Preparation and Study Tips for CBSE Class 7 Maths

Preparation and Study Tips for CBSE Class 7 Maths
Written by Paresh Bramhane

Mankind faced the need to measure and communicate quantity, time and distance, and hence mathematics evolved as a subject. But students majorly find this subject difficult to understand. Apart from the younger kids, even the class 7 students might find it confusing as new math concepts are introduced at this time. Hence ncert solutions for class 7 maths can be of great help to them.\

Mathematics is a subject that requires consistent practice in order to grasp the concepts. Hence worksheets are a perfect way for the students to exercise the lessons that they have learned in the class using a variety of questions provided. Worksheets act as an essential input mechanism of theoretical concepts for the students while working on them practically. These days worksheets for maths are easily available on several websites. One such platform is cuemath which has established its name in the field of math education, and they have several interactive worksheets available to download. Class 7 students should take the help of these worksheets to improve upon their math skills as worksheets form a significant part of learning math effectively. Let us look at some of the tips for the students to focus and excel in CBSE class 7 maths.

In-Depth Understanding and Reasoning 

It is critical to understand how a given statement or problem makes sense to you. This is where logical and critical analysis comes into play, as these abilities can assist you with the proper reasoning. Also, understanding why and what happens is essential to make sense of math. Hence the students should question whenever they are not clear with any statement or problem, even if it requires asking multiple times from the teacher.

If the teacher’s explanation doesn’t make sense, there are always great books to refer to. Different books have different styles and ways of explaining. Hence it is always a good idea to have references from other places as well, which might open a new perspective of thinking for you.

Step by Step Strategy

Math cannot be memorized without understanding, and for understanding well, one needs to go step by step and solve math problems in a strategic manner. It makes your thought process open, and you know what the next logical step in your problem-solving should be. Drawing diagrams and writing down the key points to help you remember the idea will help a lot and lead to clarity of thought.

Refer to NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) Books

It’s definitely a smart idea to look at the other study options available because they have a different viewpoint on topics and problem-solving. Students can use the NCERT solutions for class 7 as a resource for learning and revision. NCERT is a well-known organization that aims at providing education in a simple language and through quality material. NCERT is in accordance with the CBSE pattern; hence there is a high probability of their questions coming up in the examinations 

Group Studies

Since students perceive math to be a dull topic, it is beneficial to offer an interactive approach to this subject where the session is entertaining, which can be accomplished through learning it with a group of friends. Learning together has its advantages; you can learn about alternative approaches to a given concept explained by your friend. Solving problems together will help you come up with various solutions to arrive at the same answer. You will also have less anxiety about studies while you are with friends.

Follow a Time Table

If you want to hone your math skills, you’ll need to practice regularly. Setting aside a particular amount of time per day for math preparation would undoubtedly aid in the long-term retention of concepts. The time need not be essentially one or two hours; even half an hour of focussed study would matter in the long run.

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