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Pregnancy Symptoms Sudden changes the body can be signs of pregnancy know the…

Symptoms of Pregnancy in Hindi: Although there are many types of equipment and medicines are available in the market to do pregnancy test, yet we are telling you some ways by which you can identify whether you have conceived or not… Along with this, many changes start in the body of the woman. You can know whether you are pregnant or not by these symptoms. However, these symptoms are not necessarily related to pregnancy, but such changes in the body of women usually come at the time of conception.

Enlargement of breast and color of nipples: This is a very common symptom. Actually, breast tissue is very sensitive to hormones. Hormonal changes start happening in the body as soon as you get pregnant. This causes swelling or heaviness in the breast. At the same time, melanocytes are affected by the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy. It affects the cells that are responsible for the color of the nipple. Nipples darken in color during pregnancy.

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Constipation with food cravings: Cravings are also a major symptom of being pregnant. The attraction towards a particular thing increases in a pregnant woman and she starts craving to eat the same thing all the time. Many times it also happens that during this time the daily diet of the woman suddenly increases. Due to hormonal changes, digestion is also affected. Digestion slows down a bit. In such a situation, the woman often starts complaining of constipation.

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Headache and mood swings: Headache starts due to increased blood volume. This is one of the main symptoms of early pregnancy. But gradually it gets better on its own. The body temperature during pregnancy often remains above normal temperature. Not only this, during this time the mood also changes from time to time. Sometimes something looks good and sometimes it becomes hated.

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Feeling like nausea and vomiting: Starting the day in pregnancy is quite cumbersome. Waking up in the morning feels weak and comes with nausea. Sometimes after eating something, one feels like vomiting.

Going to the toilet frequently: Are you going to the toilet more often than before? At such a time, the kidneys become more active, due to which one has to go to the toilet frequently.

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