10 Most Powerful Passports in the World

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Traveling is the most enjoyable thing to do, where you can experience to see the new place, new people, culture, economic and political condition etc. Some people spent their life only in traveling. But when you want to travel abroad, a passport is the most necessary document. Before I discuss the 10 most powerful passports in the world, there is something you need to know something more about the passport.

There is a various level of traveling freedom depending on the capacity and power of passports.  And the traveling freedom concerns on which country you belong more than which country you are going, where the power of the passport depends on country’s international standing. That means countries having a mostly positive diplomatic relation in the world have the more powerful passport.

Some travelers are able to stay abroad for months and years while others have to spend money for visas and get strict time limits. It is because bilateral visa agreements are signed among the leaders of the countries. For an example, citizens of Afganistan have less traveling freedom as the country have many international conflicts. So, which country’s passport is most powerful?

10 most powerful passports:

So, following are the most powerful passport holder nations and their global standing.

10. USA:

Powerful Passport

According to the new research, US passport ranks 10th position among the most powerful passport in the world. The American passport holders can travel to 172 countries without applying for the visa.

  • Being the most powerful nation in the world and having the great international global standing. US passport has given the 10Th position. It has a formal diplomatic relation with most of the nations of the European Union.

9. Belgium:

Powerful Passport

Belgian can visit 172 countries without applying for a visa. Thus, Belgian passport is in the 9th position among the most powerful passports in the world.

  • Citizen of Belgium is also a citizen of the European Union. The Belgian citizens have the free right to move and reside in the other states of European Union. They are not part of any international conflicts

8. Denmark:

Powerful Passport

Citizens of Denmark have visa-free access to 172 countries. So, Danish passport is in the 8th position.

  • Denmark’s relation with the other nations was very good from a very long time. Its primary foreign policy is to maintain a friendly relationship with other countries. This Country supports peacekeeping.

7. Italy:

Powerful Passport

According to the new research of visa restrictions index, Citizens of Italy can travel to 173 countries without applying for the visa. So this country ranks 7th position among the most powerful passports.

  • Italy is the third largest economy in the Europe. It has a good trade relation with the other countries. This Country is the strongest supporter of NATO, OECD, GATT/WTO, OSCE and the founding member of European community which is now the European Union.

6. Spain:

Powerful Passport

Citizens of Spain have visa-free access to 173 countries. Thus, Spanish passport is in 6th position.

  • Spain is a European Country and the major participant in international security activities. It gives priority to expand positive diplomatic relation and to break out the diplomatic isolation.

5. France:

Powerful Passport

Like other European countries, French passport is also very powerful. French citizen can visit 173 countries without a visa. So, it ranks 5th among the top 10 most powerful passport.

  • France is the founding member of the UNO, NATO, European Coal and Steel Community etc.  It is a permanent member of the Security Council and plays a key role in international peacekeeping.

4. United Kingdom:

Powerful Passport


British Citizens can travel to 173 countries without applying for the visa. So, its passport is in the 4th rank according to the new research of visa restrictions index.

  • Britain was the world’s most superior country during 18th to 19th centuries. The loss of the empire during 19th century reduced its dominant role in the global affair. But it is still in a great power holding the permanent membership in the UN’s Security Council and the founding member of NATO, WTO etc.

3. Finland:

Powerful Passport

Citizens of Finland have visa-free access to 173 countries. Thus, Finnish passport is in the 3rd position among the world’s most powerful passports.

  • This country’s foreign policy was to maintain neutrality during the cold war between western powers and the Soviet Union. Because of its policy of neutrality, the Country does not have any international conflict. It didn’t attempt to join NATO.

2. Sweden:

Powerful Passport

Sweden’s passport is the 2nd most powerful passport among all. Swedish citizens can travel to 174 countries without a visa.

  • Many mutual agreements have been signed by the Swedish government with other countries to allow for visa travel. This country is the supporter of peacekeeping and does not involve in any international conflict.

1. Germany:

Powerful Passport

According to the new research of visa restrictions index, German citizens can visit 176 countries without a visa. Thus this is in the no 1 ranking in the world’s most powerful passports.

  • Germany is the largest economies in the world and this country strongly supporters the global corporation. It’s a member of many international organizations taking a leading role in so many global problems like climate change, nuclear development, terrorisms.

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