Monday, October 2, 2023

Post Office Scheme: Postal Department is giving you home delivery service, now some…

Indian Post Office Services: Indian Postal Department has started a new service in Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka. The postal department has delivered the packets to some houses in Bengaluru. In this new service, the Indian Postal Food Delivery Service has started delivering essential food preparation items including idli and dosa flour to your doorstep.

Parceled Delivery 
If this business is expanded to Karnataka and other states then department will get huge revenue in future. Till now the delivery of ghee including dosa flour, ready to eat pongal mixture, chutney powder, idli flour has been done. Out of 22 parcels, 1 parcel booked till Monday has not been delivered. Rest of the parcels have been delivered to homes in East Bengaluru, South Bangalore and West Bangalore.

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Book you business parcel 
Chief Postmaster General (CPMG), Karnataka Circle S. Rajendra Kumar says that the delivery of food items has started on a pilot basis across Bengaluru. He said that a total of 22 parcels were booked on Monday containing the batter and various instant mixes. We are currently booking them as a business parcel. Delivery will be on the same day even if the time fixed as per the department is completed. Let’s start it now in a small way. 

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Trial service started in Bengaluru 
The postal department has already started a small fast food delivery service in Bengaluru. If it gets a good response in the coming days, then it can also be increased. S.Rajendra Kumar said that if there is a good demand from the people in future, then a special team has been formed for food delivery.

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