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Post Office Savings Scheme Post Office Monthly Income Scheme POMIS Get…

Post Office Scheme: Many types of schemes are run by the post office, through which you can keep your money safe. Along with this, your amount can also be doubled through these schemes. You also get the benefit of interest in all the schemes run by the government. Today we will tell you about such a scheme of post office, through which you will earn every month. In this scheme, you can earn Rs 29700 every year. The name of this scheme is Post Office Monthly Income Scheme.

Invest only once
You have to deposit a lump sum amount in this scheme i.e. you have to invest only once in MIS account. After which you can earn every month. Let us tell you that there is no effect of market fluctuations on any scheme of the post office.

Know what is the specialty of the scheme-

  • You have to invest money in multiples of 1000.
  • You can invest a maximum of 4.5 lakhs through a single account.
  • If you open a joint account, then you can invest a maximum of 9 lakhs.
  • Its maturity is of 5 years.
  • At present, 6.6% annual interest is being paid on the MIS of the post office.

How will 29700 earn?
Let us tell you that if you deposit 4.5 lakhs in lump sum in this, then after maturity you will have an annual income of Rs 29,700 for the next 5 years. That is, you will get 2475 rupees every month.

Money will be deducted in pre maturity
The maturity of this scheme is 5 years and you cannot withdraw money for one year after making the deposit. In this, if you withdraw money between one to 3 years, then you will get money after deducting 2 percent from the deposit amount. At the same time, if you withdraw money after 3 years before maturity, then 1% amount will be deducted from it. Apart from this, after the completion of 5 years, it can be extended for 5 years.

These documents will be needed
To take advantage of this scheme, you will have to provide Aadhaar card, passport, voter card or driving license as ID proof. Along with this, you will also have to provide 2 passport size photographs. Apart from this, ID card or utility bill issued by the government will be valid for address proof.

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