Pokémon Go Alternatives You Should Play Once If You Haven’t Yet

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One of the most trending real-time action online battle games is now available for almost all of the region, millions of people around the world are already downloaded this newly launched game and played every day. It is now available for almost all of your devices including Android, iOS, and many more.

In the game players need to search the plastic characters and train them for battle, now you can battle with the other player in real-time, and make your own community for battling.  To search the monsters players need to walk on the streets, just to find the Pokémon energy, thus the monsters. There are also many Pokémon go alternatives released recently, which are also follows the same gameplay and playing modes, well if for some reason you cannot able to install the Pokémon game, you can also try them if you want.

Top 3 best Pokémon Go Alternatives

1.       Ingress

Pokémon Go Alternatives

This is one of the best Pokémon Go Alternative games that you should have to try; it is a reality multiplayer online video game developed by Niantic. Supports almost all of your devices, this game requires GPS technology to run. In this game there are two types of player, one is enlightened and another is Resistance and indicated as green and blue on the map. The main objective of the game is to capture the territory and keep it in their possession.

2.       Zombies, Run!

Pokémon Go Alternatives

This game is a active Running game, in this game player act as a Runner in reality as well as also in the game through a series of missions, while running the player would listen audio narrations and music and many more to uncover the main story, and they will also gain supplies and points to benefit the base camp called as Abel Township.  The player doesn’t need to carry the phone in their hand, it is absolutely hands-free, and automatically collects all the data and resources while on the Run. It automatically records the distance traveled, time and pace, and also measures the calories burned with the Phones GPS and accelerometer.

3.       Kingpin: Life of Crime

Pokémon Go Alternatives

This game is based on the concept of Gangs and criminals. All about villains and gangster, in this game player, act as a mafia or Gangster by joining the Gangs in the game. You can now start chatting with other members in your gang and start fighting with other gangs to win the territories by completing many rewards and missions, this is really entertaining and fun, if you can invite more players in the game, the more will be fun.

Hope you like the Top 3 best Pokémon Go Alternatives above, all the games mentioned here are very addictive, if you haven’t tried these games yet. Don’t waste your time Grasp the game and enjoy the Fun of playing reality mobile video games on the move. Thank you for Visiting