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Pointed Footwear Side Effects On Health 

Fashion Tips Many women like to wear pointed sandals and shoes in the wedding party. It is very difficult to carry pointed sandals and shoes. Apart from this, it is also not considered good for your feet. The muscles of the feet start getting affected by wearing these footwears. Due to this the muscles of your feet start getting weak. Apart from this, many types of problems start happening. Let us know about the damage caused to the body by wearing pointed footwear-

Disadvantages of wearing pointed footwear

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fear of getting hurt

Wearing sharp footwear often poses a risk of injury. Especially if you are not used to wearing sharp footwear in daily routine, then be careful before wearing it.

Joint pain may occur

Wearing pointed footwear can lead to joint pain. Actually, when you wear Pointed Shoes, there is a lot of pressure on your feet and toes. Its effect also starts on the bones of your feet. In such a situation, the possibility of pain in the joints of the feet increases.

thumb bone problem

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Wearing pointy shoes increases the chances of getting a lot of pain in the toes. You may experience severe pain, especially in the bones of the thumb.

back pain

Wearing pointed shoes worsens the body posture of the body, due to which you may experience severe pain in your back.

money is wasted

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Even if you buy sharp footwear due to fashion, it can be just a waste of money. Because most people do not wear it for a long time. In this case your money may be wasted.

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