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planning for the child get the blood sugar test done know why important…

For the last two years, the whole world is battling the corona epidemic and its related problems. These days the risk of all kinds of diseases is also increasing, whether it is diabetes or thyroid, apart from these we are also suffering from many other diseases. This type of disease gives rise to many more problems in our body and makes us sick. Let us tell you that India is now in third place in the number of patients of diabetes, this problem is now being seen in people of every age group.

According to the IDF report in 2015, the number of people living with diabetes in the age group of 20-70 years in India was around 70 million. Similarly, patients suffering from diabetes are also facing difficulties while planning for the child. So let us know how due to diabetes some problems are being faced in the attainment of happiness of children.

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Diabetes also affects the fertility of men and women. So if you are planning to conceive, then definitely get a diabetes test done. Everyone should know about diabetes. A healthy body works to convert glucose and other food into energy with the help of insulin. But when glucose and other foods are not converted into energy, it gives rise to serious diseases like high blood sugar in our body. There are many types of diabetes, which can occur at any age.

Type 1: In this type of diabetes, the immune system destroys the cells of our pancreas and then the body does not get enough insulin.

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Type 2: In this type of diabetes, insulin is not made properly in your body and neither it is used properly. Mostly middle class and elderly people suffer from type 2.

Why is the test necessary?

If you too have been planning for a baby for a long time and are failing; So you must get your sugar test done once. Diabetes has a huge impact on the fertility of both men and women, and at the same time, it becomes such a big problem that it becomes very difficult to become a parent. Let us tell you that 50 percent of men suffering from diabetes also suffer from erectile dysfunction.

diabetes and pregnancy

We can also cure a major disease like diabetes. For this we just have to take care of our health. Along with this, adopt a healthy diet and exercise daily and also have to do regular sugar test. If you also suffer from type 1 or type 2 diabetes and are planning to have a child. So you will need to be more careful at this stage. For example, keep getting your sugar test done from time to time and if needed, consult your doctor about this.

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If we want to beat diabetes too, and for that we just need to do some hard work like taking care of our diet, reducing stress and not allowing weight gain etc. By adopting these small health tips, we can also lead a healthy lifestyle.

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