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piles symptoms and causes, Know the best ayurvedic tips to get rid of…

Piles is a disease that afflicts millions of people all over the world. The biggest reason for this disease is constipation. 15 percent of the people in the whole world are troubled by the disease of constipation. Piles, fissure, fistula are formed due to constipation. Due to constipation, impurities increase in the body and digestion starts to deteriorate. Constipation is the biggest cause of gas and digestive diseases.

There are two types of piles, one is bloody piles and the other is dry piles. Both types of hemorrhoids are painful. Piles are mainly swollen blood vessels that cause pain and itching in the anal area. Piles patients often find it difficult to pass stools. For the treatment of this disease, many times patients have to undergo surgery.

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The disease of piles is caused due to poor lifestyle and poor diet. There are some habits which can increase the disease of piles. If this disease is to be treated, then first of all find out about the reasons for the development of this disease so that this disease can be treated by improving them. Know from Ayurvedic expert Dr. Pratap Chauhan that which habits are responsible for controlling piles and how to treat them.

Habits responsible for piles disease: According to Ayurveda, your habits are also responsible for this disease. Due to excessive consumption of hot spices in food, due to consumption of fried fried spicy things, due to the habit of drinking less water, traveling more, sitting for a long time, consuming more tea, dry vegetables and Eating paratha can cause piles. If you are troubled by piles, then change your eating habits.

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How to treat Piles according to Ayurveda: Eat fiber rich foods in the diet. Eat moong dal khichdi, porridge salad, green leafy vegetables, flaxseeds and triphala, you will get relief from the symptoms of piles.

Consume Buttermilk: Piles patients are greatly benefited by consuming buttermilk. Mix asafetida, cumin and a little salt in buttermilk and consume it. Buttermilk will loosen the stool and get relief from the pain of piles.

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Drink warm milk at night Drink warm milk at night before sleeping. Drinking milk will keep the stomach clean. Boiled milk should be consumed by the patients of piles.

Irrigate with warm water: Due to piles, there is a complaint of itching, burning and pain in the anus. To avoid these problems, hot water irrigation is a better solution. Put some alum in hot water and soak it. This will reduce the burning, swelling and pain in the anal area.

Consume Camphor: Patients with piles complain of burning, itching and pain in the anus. Consuming camphor provides coolness in burning sensation. Camphor paste is very effective in removing irritation.

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