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Peyush Bansal Biography, Net Worth, Biography, Family, Wife, Career

Hello friends, friends, today we are going to tell you about the famous person in our article. Piyush Bansal, Peyush Bansal” Friends, if we talk about today’s time in India or the world, which is the time of start-up companies. Day by day, new start-up companies are starting in our country and establishing their business. Friends, if we are talking about these startup companies then “Lenskart” How can anyone forget the name of Lenskart is one of the fastest growing eyewear company in India. Which manufactures and sells items like glasses, contact lenses, etc. for people. Lenskart company owner Piyush Bansal started Lenskart company in 2010 along with two of his associates Amit Chaudhary, Sumit Kapahi. Today we will provide you information about Piyush Bansal’s family, wife, career etc. through his biography. You are requested to read the article till the end.

Biography of Piyush Bansal
Biography of Piyush Bansal

Biography of Piyush Bansal:

Piyush Bansal is a fast rising Indian entrepreneur and successful businessman. He was born in New Delhi, India. Bansal completed his early education from Don Bosco School in Delhi. Before starting Piyush Bansal Lenskart company, America’s famous software developer IT company Microsoft Worked as a Technical Specialist.

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serial number Related to Piyush Bansal Information about Piyush Bansal
1 name Piyush Bansal
2 date of birth 26 April 1985 (Age :- 37 Years)
3 birth place New Delhi, India
4 Industry prescription eyewear
5 the nationality Indian
6 educated IIM Bangalore (MPEFB-Management)
McGill University (Bachelor Engineering Honors)
7 Religion Hindu
8 Amount Capricorn
9 marital status married
10 wife’s name Nimisha Bansal
11 Hobby Travelling, Reading Books, Listening to Music
12 hair color black
13 eye color black
14 baby names son (Ivan)
15 favourite meal Piyush Bansal is fond of all types of food but especially loves Thai and Middle Eastern cuisines.
16 favorite vacation destination Switzerland, New Zealand, Greece etc.

About Piyush Bansal’s family :-

Piyush Bansal’s father is a chartered accountant and mother is a housewife. Piyush Bansal’s mother’s name is “Kiran Bansal”. Piyush Bansal’s wife’s name is Nimisha Bansal and this married couple has a son named “Ivan”. Piyush Bansal’s family consists of mother, father, wife, children and an elder brother.

About Piyush Bansal and his wife, family
Piyush Bansal and his wife

career of piyush bansal

As we have told you above that Piyush Bansal completed his early studies in Delhi. Bansal decided to do IIT after completing his schooling. For which Bansal did a lot of preparation but Bansal decided to do engineering from a world famous foreign college without taking admission in IIT college of India. After which Bansal was forced to return to Canada after a lot of hard work and effort. Mac Gill University Got admission in Bachelor of Engineering Honors course in Electrical- IT, Control and Automation. From where Bansal did his job between 2002 and 2006. Bachelor Engineering Honors During his college time, Bansal had to solve the problem of housing, coaching, jobs, transportation, books for the students. ,, An online portal was also started by the name of After completing his studies, Piyush Bansal did a job as a receptionist at a place in Canada where he learned about computer coding along with the job.

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After this, Bansal worked as a technical expert manager from January 2007 to December 2007 at Microsoft, one of the world’s largest tech giant companies. While working in Microsoft, one day when Piyush Bansal was reading an article in the news paper, it came to know that about 40% of the people of our country face the problem of eyes and only a few of them use glasses, after which Bansal had to To solve this problem, the idea of ​​starting a company came.

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Due to this idea, in 2008, Bansal decided to leave his job and come back to India. After leaving the job, Bansal came back to Delhi. Bansal completed his master’s degree from IIM Bangalore (MPEFB-MANAGER). After this Piyush Bansal started his company Lenskart.

Lenskart started by Piyush Bansal :-

As we have told you that Bansal’s Lenskart was started in 2010 along with two of his colleagues. But initially the name of Lenskart was not Lenskart. “VALYOO technologies” Was. Which was later changed to Lenskart. Lenskart serves its more than 1,00,000 unique customers every month through its online business. Lenskart has over 15 million customers worldwide. We are providing here information about lenskart through table. Lenskart has over 500 stores across 40 cities in India.

serial number related to lenskart About Lenskart
1 Company establishment 2010
2 company founder Piyush Bansal (CEO)
Amit Choudhary (COO)
including the
3 company headquarters Faridabad, Haryana
4 Presently No. of Lenskart stores within the country 900
5 of the company Revenue ₹963/- Crore (US$130 million)
6 net income of the company ₹17/- Crore (US$2.2 million)
7 Number of employees currently working in Lenskart more than 5,000
8 Lenskart official website
9 Lenskart Toll Free Helpline Number 1800 111 111
10 Brand Ambassador of Lenskart Katrina Kaif

Achievements of Piyush Bansal :-

  • In 2006, Piyush Bansal was awarded the British Association Model by McGill University.
  • VALYOO technologies won the Red Herring Top 100 Asia Award in the year 2012.
  • In 2015, Lenskart was awarded the Marketing Sherpa Email Awards.
  • In 2015, Piyush was also honored with the India TV Yuva Awards (in business cadre).
  • Piyush Bansal was listed in Fortune’s India-Best 40 Under 40 Entrepreneurs in the year 2019.
  • Lenskart Solutions has been awarded the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the year 2020.

Piyush Bansal net worth :-

According to an estimate, the net worth of Piyush Bansal is about 1.3 billion dollars, which according to Indian currency is equal to 100 billion rupees. Piyush Bansal holds 8.21% market share of Lenskart Company. Let us tell you that the market value of Lenskart is currently 5 billion dollars.

Piyush Bansal’s Social Account Media Links :-

FAQs related to Piyush Bansal :-

What is the name of Piyush Bansal’s wife?

Piyush Bansal’s wife’s name is Nimisha Bansal.

What are the three main reasons for Piyush Bansal’s success?

1:- Piyush Bansal says that whenever you think of a new idea, take it seriously and try to fulfill that idea by staying on the ground.
2:- Before starting any work, keep its back up plan ready.
3:- Never consider anyone small in your life.

What is the name of Piyush Bansal’s company?

Piyush Bansal’s company name is “Lenskart” which is a company manufacturing eyewear items.

Who is the brand ambassador of Lenskart?

The brand ambassadors of Lenskart are Bhuvan Bam and Katrina Kaif.

What is the helpline number of lenskart?

Lenskart’s helpline number is 1800 111 111.

From where did Pius Bansal complete his graduation?

Pius Bansal finished his graduation as Bachelor of Engineering Honors from Canada’s (McGill University).

We hope that this article of ours has given you some information about Piyush Bansal, the owner of Lenskart Company. If you have any doubt regarding the article then you can ask us in the comment box. Thank you very much for reading the article completely.




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