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Petrol Diesel Rate Today 7 January Are Changed In Some Cities Of NCR Know…

Petrol Diesel Rate: The prices of petrol and diesel in the country remain stable at this time and fluctuations in the price of crude oil are being seen in the international market. You will know here whether the rates of petrol and diesel have increased in the country due to the rapid increase in the price of crude oil.

What is the price of crude oil today

If we look at the prices of crude oil in the global market, they are visible only with strength. Today Brent crude has come near $81 per barrel and remains at the rate of $80.99. At the same time, WTI crude remains at the rate of $ 74.40 per barrel. Although a rise is being seen in the price of crude oil, today a change is being seen in the rate of petrol and diesel in some cities in the country.

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What is the price of petrol and diesel in four metros

Delhi- Petrol Rs 96.72, diesel Rs 89.62 per liter
Mumbai- Petrol Rs 106.31, diesel Rs 94.27 per liter
Kolkata- Petrol Rs 106.03, diesel Rs 92.25 per liter
Chennai- Petrol Rs 102.63, diesel Rs 94.24 per liter

What is the price of petrol and diesel in NCR today?

Gautam Buddha Nagar (Noida-Greater Noida) today the price of petrol has seen a drop of 13 paise and it has come down to Rs 96.79 per litre. Whereas diesel is available 12 paise cheaper at Rs 89.96 per litre.

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Gurugram Even today the prices of petrol and diesel have become cheaper by 29-29 paise. Petrol in Gurugram has become cheaper by 29 paise at Rs 96.89 per litre, diesel is also available at the rate of Rs 89.76 per litre.

Ghaziabad Today there is no change in the price of petrol and diesel and here petrol is available at Rs 96.58 per liter and diesel at Rs 89.75 per litre.

Know the prices of petrol and diesel in other cities

Bangalore: Petrol Rs 101.94 per litre, Diesel Rs 87.89 per liter
Hyderabad: Petrol Rs 109.66 per litre, diesel Rs 97.82 per liter
Lucknow: Petrol Rs 96.58 per litre, diesel Rs 89.77 per liter
Patna: Petrol Rs 107.65 per litre, Diesel Rs 94.42 per liter
Port Blair: Petrol Rs 84.10 per litre, Diesel Rs 79.74 per liter

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How to check petrol and diesel price of different cities

Every day oil companies in India release the latest prices of petrol and diesel at 6 am. You can check this through an SMS. Indian oil Customers need to send RSP to 9224992249. There itself HPCL (HPCL) customers to check the new price of petrol and diesel, send HPPRICE to 9222201122. There itself BPCL (BPCL) customers have to send RSP to the number 9223112222. After this, the oil company will send the new price of that city to its customer through SMS.

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