Pergola Cover Ideas You Will Fall in Love With

Pergola Cover Ideas You Will Fall in Love With
Written by Purva Jagtap

General homeowners and hospitality business owners are keen on maximizing the utility and attractiveness of their property. Most of them are on the lookout for innovative ways like installing a pergola, which means they can extend their outdoor living space and have a fun space for leisure.

For the homeowners, a pergola with a cover is an easy thing to install with no alteration or heavy lifting. It is ideal for businesses and rented homeowners to consider a pergola as it is very easy to mount on and uninstall whenever you need it.

Pergola covering for sun shading

Pergolas are usually open spaces supported by four pillars, where some of them have a roof frame with slats installed on the roofing. These slats may provide a little bit of protection from the sun’s rays by allowing natural light in. However, some people want to completely cover their pergola to ensure enough shade and privacy inside. For those who are planning to cover your pergola, here are some ideas for shading.

Choice of pergola covers

Installing good quality pergola covers is thebest choice when planning to install coverage on your pergola. There are varieties of pergola covers available, giving a modern look and adequate shading to your open pergola space. You can choose canvas or fabric covers for pergola canopies. Most designers choose a more innovative approach by using one whole big piece of fabric and long strips to create an attractive pattern with optimum utility.

While using a single piece of fabric, the material may be further attached on the top or below portion of the pergola to create a solid sunshade, effectively blocking out the sun or rain based on the fabric used. While using canvas fabric of multiple strips, you can weave the strips creatively through the rafters of the pergola by an alternative between under and over pattern with which it will look like a braided roof finally. It is also very common to use canvas and fabric with neutral colors as pergola covers. Usage of a retractable canopy is another modern approach to adding enough sun shading and rain protection to the pergola.

Installing pergola cover

  • Rafters and roof support

The length of the rafters may depend on the design of the pergola. The popular length is 12 feet, but you may have installed lateral support additionally at the middle while installing roof cover.

  • Support anchors

The metal support is used to attach the bottom of the covering. These are usually made of metal plates that will sit flat on the surface.

There are many easy-to-install pergola kits available in the market. Still, you need to do thorough research and proper measurement of the pergola dimensions before making the purchase. Consider the location of the pergola and the amount of space to be covered. You may take a measuring tape and then measure the length, width, and height of the pergola to look for a closely matching cover size.

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