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People With Light Skin Colour Have Higher Skin Cancer Risk

Skin Cancer: Most cases of skin cancer are caused by exposure to excessive sunlight, especially solar ultraviolet (UV) rays or waves. These rays damage the cells of the skin and make changes in them. Because of this, the disease of cancer is born. Melanoma is the most dangerous type of skin cancer. The risk of skin cancer depends on some things like family history, lifestyle (spending more time in sunlight), skin cancer and skin color. The rest of the reasons include easily scorching of the skin in sunlight, large size mole or wart and old age.

Coming in direct contact with the sun is the biggest cause of skin cancer. People whose skin color is more dark, their skin has more melanin than fair people. Not only this, despite being in contact with the sun, the risk of cancer is less. According to a PTI report, dark-skinned people can also get skin cancer, but no such evidence has been found so far to prove that this condition arises due to skin scorching or coming in contact with the sun. People whose color is dark, there is a possibility of skin cancer in the palms, palms of the feet or in places where there is already an injury or wound.

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White people more at risk

On the other hand, people whose skin color is light fair or more fair, they have the highest risk of skin cancer due to the UV rays of the sun. Such people who are exposed to the strong rays of the sun for a long time, their skin is more at risk of burning. People who are at high risk of this disease should always be protected from direct exposure to sunlight. UV waves can harm you even in the winter season. So protect from the waves emanating from the sun throughout the year.

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How to protect yourself from UV rays?

To protect yourself from UV rays, you should wear clothes that cover maximum part of your body. Use glasses on the eyes and wear a hat on the head. With the help of these measures, you will get a lot of help in preventing UV rays from reaching the skin. Light colored clothes protect you less from the sun’s rays than dark colored clothes, so use dark colors before going out in the sun. You can also use a good sunscreen to protect against UV rays. Always make sure that sunscreen is applied to your skin before going out in the sun. Apart from this, if possible, try not to come in contact with the sun from 10 am to 4 pm. Because during this time UV rays are more powerful. If you have to go out, then definitely follow these protection tips.

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