Monday, February 6, 2023

People In Russia Search How To Break An Arm At Home Afar Vladimir Putin…

Russia Partial Mobilization: After a recent announcement by Russian President Vladimir Putin regarding the Russia-Ukraine War, people are searching on Google ‘How To Break An Arm At Home’. Home)? Actually, Putin has announced that three lakh Reserve Troops will be mobilized for the special military operation in Ukraine. According to Putin, this is necessary for the security of the people of the Russian-occupied areas and for the integrity of the regions.

The Russian President said that according to the order that came into force from Wednesday, compulsory military recruitment will not apply only to reserve soldiers. After Putin’s address, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that three lakh people with previous military experience would now be called. Shortly after this, ‘how to break an arm at home’ i.e. ‘how to break an arm at home’ started being searched on Google. It is believed that people searching this way on Google are probably scared about the possibility of being sent to the front and are looking for ways to avoid it.

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This effect of Putin’s announcement also

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Let us tell you that a section of Russia is not in favor of attacking Ukraine from the beginning. At the same time, many people are going out of the country since the announcement of the Russian President to mobilize troops. Some people have come down to protest. There has been chaos in the country. A large number of people have booked one way flight tickets. According to reports, flights in Russia have become full.

There are also reports that more than 13,000 people who took part in the demonstration against the Russian President’s mobilization campaign have been arrested. According to the OVD-Info monitoring group, 1,332 people have been detained from 38 different cities. Slogans like ‘No mobilization’ are being raised during the protests.

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