Penalties For Not Printing Post-GST Rates On items

Goods and Services Act, in short GST, is already passed by the Central Government on 1st July and now government announces the penalties, for the manufacturer, importer, and sellers if any repeated offense of not printing the post-GST rates on products labels.

On Pre-packaged goods penalties for not labeling the new GST rates may ranging from Rs. 1 lakh or prison terms up to a year.

GST Rates

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For the stock of goods which were manufactured and packed before July 1, there is the new norm for affixing the revised maximum retail price as per the consumer affairs ministry.

As per the Legal Metrology Act, the first offense may attract up to Rs. 25,000. And second offense up to Rs. 50,000.

As per the provision in the law, the past of additional stickers on unsold packages items have been issued said the sources of consumer affairs.

For the companies having huge inventory is going to be a logistical nightmare as the printing or stamping any price other than the MRP on packets is illegal.

For the All companies they still have the time to put the new prices and batches on the unsold items until 30 September, after this time no one will be allowed to sell the pre-packaged items said by Ram Vilas Paswan.

Companies and manufacturer already started to take the advantage of GST under input credits, which has brought down their manufacturing cost. And the benefits must be passed to the buyer and consumers.

The consumer affairs ministry has also set up a committee to address consumer grievances on GST.

The National Consumer Helpline is also addressing the concerns of consumers regarding GST. Paswan said more than 700 queries have been received by the consumer helplines.


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