Paytm Gold Review – Everything You Need to Know About Paytm Gold

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Paytm is another fastest growing company in India. Almost half of the population in India uses Paytm mobile app to pay the payments, bills, recharges etc. a digital wallet, shopping mall, or payment bank Paytm is an all in one solution in the digital platform.

There are lots of features that we still don’t know how to use or take the advantages in Paytm app, you may be using the app since for a while but you can not deny it.

Paytm Gold is also one of them which many of us unaware of, today in this post I am going to walk you through the details about Paytm Gold, what is it, how is it and many things related to Paytm Gold.

What is Paytm Gold?

Paytm Gold brings you a gold accumulation plan through which you can purchase digital Gold using your Paytm account for as low as Re.1. It provides the facility to sell the gold accumulated in your account according to your requirements and choice.

Live gold price can be tracked via Paytm platform which helps you to make your decision to buy or sell Gold. You can redeem your accumulated Gold in the form gold coins or minted products. The money received by selling your gold gets credited into your account as per the details provided by you.

What are the benefits of Paytm Gold?

  • You do not have to buy real gold because you can buy digital gold
  • Purchase of gold can be done 24 hours a day even on bank and public holidays
  • You do not have to stress over the storage and safety of real gold
  • Information of the live gold price is shared to all members via application notification
  • You can check your gold balance at any hour of the day by clicking on the Gold icon on the App or the website
  • You can sell your accumulated gold either in grams or rupees on Paytm
  • Paytm accumulated gold is delivered to your doorstep on your request in the form of gold coins

How To Buy Paytm Gold?

  • Log-in to your Paytm account
  • Browse categories
  • Click on Paytm Gold
  • Make an offer to buy Gold in rupees or grams on the application or the website
  • Store the accumulated gold in secured online lockers to buy or sell in the future

Pros And Cons Of Paytm Gold


  • You can buy instant Gold from Paytm
  • Save yourself from the long queues in Gold banks
  • Do not worry about the safety and security of The Gold bought
  • Easy access to your locker and smooth transactions
  • Online availability of your past orders and history of your past gold transactions
  • Easy selling and requests for withdrawal of gold from your locker
  • Instant money credits upon selling your Gold
  • You can buy, sell or withdraw gold at any hours and even at public or bank holidays
  • Cashback and exciting offers on your every transaction saves you a lot of money
  • Paytm Gold saves time and provides an online platform for Gold trading


  • The tenure of the gold accumulation plan is 5 years. It is mandatory that you sell, buy or withdraw the accumulated gold once your tenure ends
  • There is no nomination policy for the family members of the owner if something happens to him
  • You cannot buy and sell the same amount of Gold on the same day
  • You would not receive any interest on your investment

Gold Accumulation Plan

Gold Accumulation Plan is a joint venture between MMTC Limited and PAMP that allows a person to sell or purchase Gold using its account on Paytm. MMTC-PAMP is India’s gold refinery that promises 100% pure gold i.e. 24K or 99.99% pure gold.  You can buy Gold as low as of Rupee 1 or 1 gram through the plan. It offers numerous benefits to people who buy the plan and are regularly buying and selling their Gold according to the market rate.

Other FAQs

How To Withdraw Gold From Paytm?

You can raise a request to withdraw a part or all of your Gold in the form of Gold coins and get it delivered at your doorstep. However, you need to pay the delivery charges and the amount required to make the Gold coins.

Is it safe investing Digital Gold through Paytm?

Investing in Digital Gold lays emphasis on one-time transaction, hence there is less risk in all the transactions and investment through Paytm.

Is it worth buying Digital Gold Through Paytm?

An online platform for Gold transaction saves time and makes transaction easier. You can accumulate huge reserves by investing small amounts of money which is a valuable asset for your future needs.

Can NRIs Invest in Gold accumulation plan of Paytm?

No, you need to be Indian resident to invest in Gold accumulation plan.

What are the making and delivery charges if you buy through Paytm?

Making charges of Gold coins are not decided prior. However, a complete invoice and the expected amount would be mailed to you on your request. Delivery charges depends upon the city in which you wish to get the coins delivered.

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