Paystub Generators: The #1 Way to Save Time and Money on Payroll

Paystub Generators: The #1 Way to Save Time and Money on Payroll
Written by Krutika Lohakare

There are over 30 million small businesses in the U.S. alone. Using a pay stub creator is the most efficient way to pay employees.

59.9 million people work for small businesses. Paperless pay stubs keep employees financially informed through simple technology.

Digital pay stubs are the future. You deserve to reap their benefits sooner rather than later.

Here’s why every employer should use a pay stub creator:


Pay stub generators are the most convenient option for paying employees. Simply input an employee’s financial information into each field, click, and voila! You’ve generated a pay stub.

You’ll need to know an employee’s gross pay and deductions before you get started. A generator will automatically minus the deductions and taxes from the gross pay. 

Otherwise, you’d have to wait for someone to organize your payroll and pay stubs. Speaking of hiring:

Save Money

Using paper pay stubs and a traditional payroll requires you to hire an employee or a third party. Both options are rather expensive and don’t benefit your bottom line. Pay stub generators, however, are cost-effective.

Making pay stubs while self-employed is the most affordable way to create financial documents. That way, if the IRS ever requests financial documents, your pay stubs will be in your inbox. It’s cheaper to pay for a pay stub creator than it is to pay IRS penalty fees.


Think about it: Pay stub generators will do the calculations automatically. Meanwhile, humans are always prone to error.

It’s better to leave the math to the generator than it is to trust a human. After all, if a human messes up a pay stub, you’ll wind up paying for it somehow.

The best pay stub generator will make the most accurate pay stubs for the least amount of money. Their existence is proof that you don’t need much money to create a professional pay stub. Start using the most accurate and affordable pay stub creator via the previous link.

Digital Financial Documents

The digital revolution is putting more emphasis on digital documents. Digital financial documents are the most accessible option for keeping workers financially informed.

It’s way easier to find a paystub in your email inbox than it is in a physical file. Paper documents are more also likely to get lost or damaged than digital documents are. Even if you do accidentally delete a saved file, you could always reclaim it from your computer’s trash bin.

Paperless documents also offer the following benefit:


Going paperless in any way benefits the environment. That’s because using digital pay stubs for your employees cuts down on paper waste. In fact, paper alone makes up 26% of total landfill waste.

Caring about the environment also benefits your brand image. It makes consumers perceive your company as considerate and caring about more than money. Also, people are generally willing to spend more money on green-friendly brands.

Your Pay Stub Creator is Your Business’s BFF

Digital pay stubs are easier for employees to access through their smartphones. Your employees will appreciate it when you use a pay stub creator.

In order for pay stub creators to work, you must have accurate numbers beforehand. Otherwise, your pay stub will be incorrect from the get-go.

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