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Parenting Tips To Save Child If He Swallows A Coin

Tips To Save Child If he Swallows A Coin: You must have often heard about small children that they suddenly trap anything in their throat. Especially the coin. Yes, this is a common problem in small children, that you will not even know in sight and they put anything in their mouth quickly, which sometimes children have to bear the brunt of it as a big problem. Also, parents also get upset due to this problem. Let us tell you that children actually try to recognize things with their hands and mouth till the age of three, due to which they put many things in their mouth. So let us tell you that if this happens to you then how you have to deal with this situation.

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This trouble can be heavy
If the coin is not removed from the child’s neck in time, then it can also become a danger to the child. This is because this coin can get stuck in the food pipe of the child. And if this coin gets stuck in the windpipe, then immediate treatment is necessary. In such a situation, parents should be patient and if possible, by adopting these tips in the beginning, you can remove the coin stuck in the child’s neck at home itself.

Learn these tips
If the child gets stuck on the coin, tilt it forward. Then press the chest with one hand and pat it on the back with the other hand. You repeat this process 4 to 5 times. By doing this a phlegm will form in the child’s chest and the swallowed coin will come out.

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When the child swallows the coin, hold the upper part of the stomach tightly with both hands and apply jerky pressure. Due to this the breath will come upwards and the coin will come out.

When the child swallows the coin, he has a strong cough. In such a situation, let him cough till the phlegm is formed. In this case the coin will come out.

If the coin is not able to come out, then you should immediately take the child to the doctor.

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(Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on assumptions and information only. It is important to mention here that does not confirm any kind of belief, information. Before applying any information or belief, it is necessary to consult the concerned expert. Get advice.)

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