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Parenting Tips: If you raise your children in this way, then the child will be intelligent…

Parenting Tips: It is said that whatever nature children have in their childhood, they become the same nature even when they grow up. Often some children are very mischievous and get along with people, but there are some children who shy away from meeting people. He is ashamed to talk to others. Many times it is also seen that when people ask a question to the child, even knowing the answer, due to hesitation, he sits with his neck down. If your child also does such an act, then you need to guide him so that his behavior can improve because later on he can be far away from the people of the society. So try to mix with people from outside. You can adopt some tips to guide the child.

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Follow these tips to remove the hesitation of children

1.Ask people to meet: It is said that a child learns what he sees, so if your child sees you meeting people, despite all these If you shy away from talking, then you should first teach them to greet, because it is very important for your child to be social for good mental development. If they do not interact with people in the beginning, then their behavior will remain the same in school. Try taking the child to the park, try to introduce him to another child, so that the child stops being hesitant and comes forward.

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2. Make the child practice talking: If your child is nervous and shy away from talking, then you should make him practice talking to himself as much as possible at home. Tell him the story.  Ask him questions related to the stories. Encourage him to participate in school functions or plays.

3.Explain the importance of friendship: Encourage your child to be friends. Tell them how important it is to have friends. Tell them about the new trending things. Try to explain to children that they can share their things with a friend.

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4. Teach sharing things: Teach your child to share things from childhood so that their relationship with others can be better. Tell them that when they are together, share lunch with each other. By doing this, children will become open-minded.

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