Friday, September 30, 2022

Parenting Tips : कैंडी और चॉकलेट से बच्चों के दांतों में लग गए हैं कीड़े?…

Teeth Cavity: Taking good care of children is a big task for many parents. From their way of living to the food, a lot of attention is needed. Many children get worms in their teeth. The reason for this can be candy, chocolate or too much sweet food. If your children’s teeth have also got worms, then do not worry. To overcome this problem, you can take the help of some home remedies. These home remedies can also remove the problem of cavity in children’s teeth. Let’s know how to remove the problem of worms in the teeth?

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Clove Oil – Clove Oil 

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Asafoetida is beneficial – Use Hing

Turmeric is useful – Turmeric Benefits

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