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Pakistani Woman Shot Dead By Ex Husband In America Over Telling Her Divorce…

Pakistani Woman Shoot Dead: Sania Khan, a 29-year-old American woman of Pakistani origin, was shot dead by her ex-husband. After killing his wife, the husband shot himself too. He was taken to the hospital in an injured condition where he died during treatment. Both these husband and wife had divorced some time back. After which Sania shared the story of her divorce on social media. It is being told that her ex-husband Rahil Ahmed was very angry with this. That’s why he carried out this sensational act.

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According to the Chicago Police, Sania Khan was living in the US city of Chicago. Her ex-husband barged into Sania’s house on Ohio Street in Chicago and shot her in the head. Sania died on the spot. Police, also recovered a weapon from the spot.

Husband was struggling with mental problems

According to close friends of Sania, Sania married him in June 2021 after a five-year relationship with Raheel Ahmed. After marriage, both went to live in Chicago. Sania’s friends claim that Raheel Ahmed was suffering from mental health problems for a long time. According to a friend of Sania, Sania had told her that Raheel’s mental health problems have started increasing due to which she has started feeling insecure.

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The woman told the story of her divorce on Tiktok

According to the report, Sania told the story of her divorce on the social media platform Tiktok, in which she said that her marriage lasted for less than a year and she got divorced from her husband. Sania, while posting a video about her divorce on Tiktok, wrote that, “Going through a divorce as a South Asian woman, it seems that you have failed in life.”

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According to a report by Pakistani newspaper Tribune, Human Rights Watch reported in its annual World Report 2022 that women and children are subjected to atrocities in Pakistan and Pakistan is ranked 167th out of 170 countries.

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