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Pakistani President Wrote A Letter To The Chief Justice To Investigate The ‘conspiracy To Change Power’ In Pakistan | Pakistan Politics News: The President of Pakistan wrote a letter to the Chief Justice, saying

Pakistan News: Pakistan President Arif Alvi has written to Chief Justice Omar Ata Bandiyal urging him to set up a judicial commission to probe the alleged “conspiracy” of “change of power” to overthrow former prime minister Imran Khan. . Khan was ousted after voting on a no-confidence motion on April 10. Khan has alleged that the US conspired to topple his government after the decision to adopt an independent foreign policy on the Ukraine issue. The US has consistently denied these allegations.

Khan has been demanding that the matter be probed by the Supreme Court and he had also written a letter to Chief Justice Bandiyal two weeks ago to set up a commission of inquiry. In a letter written on Thursday, President Alvi urged the Chief Justice to set up a judicial commission to probe the “conspiracy to change power”. He advised that Bandiyal should head this commission. He said the commission should conduct an open hearing of the “comprehensive inquiry into allegations of conspiracy to change power” so that “the country can be saved from political and economic crisis”.

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Stressing on the importance of the commission, the President warned that Pakistan was facing a serious political crisis. He said that there is polarization in the people and politics of Pakistan. He wrote in the letter, “It is regrettable that out of context comments are being made without any thought, misunderstandings are being fueled, opportunities are being lost, skepticism is not improving and the economy is in trouble and The situation on the ground is turning into a political explosive situation, which can explode at any time.

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Alvi said the Supreme Court has taken similar steps in the past to set up judicial commissions on matters of national security, integrity, sovereignty and public interest. He said the proposed judicial commission should conduct a thorough and comprehensive inquiry into the “power change conspiracy”.

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