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Pakistan Wrote A Letter To Arrest Masood Azhar Right Before SCO Summit

Masood Azhar Arrest: Before the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO Summit) to be held in Uzbekistan, Pakistan has played a new maneuver against terror. He has written a letter to the government of Afghanistan demanding the arrest of Jaish-e-Mohammed’s terrorist Masood Azhar.

However, senior leader of the Taliban government in Afghanistan and Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Suhail Shaheen, denied receiving any such letter from Pakistan.

What did Afghanistan say?
Suhail said that we have no information about the presence of Masood Azhar in Afghanistan. We do not support any person in our country who keeps conspiracies for any other country while staying in our country.

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At the same time, sources have informed ABP News that Masood Azhar is present in Afghanistan and Pakistan has written a letter to the neighboring country demanding his arrest, not only this, Pakistan’s intelligence department also shared information about Azhar’s possible locations in the letter. is of.

Is there a conspiracy to mislead the FATF?
It is believed that India will definitely raise the issue of joint action against terror in the SCO summit. International affairs experts also believe that Pakistan is writing such a letter against Masood Azhar because it is afraid that the Financial Action Task Force may not take any action on him. These days Pakistan is going through a very delicate situation financially. That is why he is writing such letters before the SCO meeting.

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Who is Masood Azhar?
Masood Azhar is the leader of Jaish-e-Mohammed and is directly responsible for many terrorist attacks in India. Be it the Kandahar plane hijacking in 1998 or the attack in the Assembly in Jammu and Kashmir or the terrorist attack in the Parliament of the country in 2001, the mastermind behind all this is Masood Azhar. Masood is not only in India but he has also been declared a global terrorist by the UN Security Council.

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