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Pakistan Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb Insulted Says Chorni Chorni…

Pakistan Minister Insult: Pakistan’s Minister Maryam Aurangzeb had to face a lot of insults when she was in a coffee shop. Maryam had reached a coffee shop in London to get coffee, during which time only Pakistanis present there started shouting slogans of Chorni-Chorni and started making videos.

Actually, Maryam Aurangzeb is the Information Minister of Pakistan. The condition of this Pakistan is known to everyone that how thin it is and after the floods, there is a scene of devastation there. People are craving for food and minister Sahiba is spending expensive along with foreign trips. Pakistanis living in London have criticized him for this. It is also being said that this Pakistani was none other than the supporter of former Prime Minister Imran Khan.

incident video went viral

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According to the report of ARY News, Pakistanis chasing Maryam Aurangzeb raised slogans of ‘Chorni, Chorni’. Apart from this, some people were also seen calling him ‘begairat’ (shameless). Many clips related to this incident are being circulated on social media. It can be seen in these videos that people of Pakistani origin are walking around the information minister and making harsh remarks. However, Maryam did not respond to any of the people’s comments. She remained silent throughout this incident. He did not even try to go out of the coffee shop to avoid people.

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‘Ash on Pakistani money’

In another video, Maryam can be seen entering the coffee shop from across the street. The Pakistanis started chasing Maryam from the road itself. As soon as she entered the coffee shop, a woman said, “She is doing ashes on Pakistani money”. The woman also said that “there are big claims being made on television (in Pakistan), but here coffee does not wear a scarf on the head.” While saying many such things, the crowd kept circling him and kept telling lies. During this incident, Maryam was seen ignoring the Pakistanis. To avoid people’s talk, he got himself busy in mobile phone. However, people continued to insult him.

Maryam took out anger on Imran Khan

According to the Dawn report, several ministers appreciated and defended Maryam’s restraint and said, “She handled the situation with restraint and patience.” According to media reports, Aurangzeb was surrounded and harassed in a coffee shop by the support of former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. Retweeting a video tweeted by a Pakistani journalist, Aurangzeb said, “Sad to see that the hate and divisive politics of Imran Khan has had a toxic effect on our brothers and sisters. I stopped and answered his every question. Sadly, people are victims of Imran Khan’s propaganda. We will continue our work to counter Khan’s toxic politics and bring people together.

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