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Pakistan High Commission School In Delhi Closed Know Why

Pakistan High Commission: The Pakistan High Commission has stopped the operation of its school in Delhi, the capital of India, due to low admissions. This school was built to provide education to the children of High Commission employees, but after Pakistan drastically cut its staff in India in June 2020, the number of students in it decreased significantly.

Responding to media queries, a Pakistan High Commission spokesperson said that the Pakistan High Commission School has been suspended after the completion of the current academic session in view of the shortfall in admissions due to reduction in the staff strength of the High Commission.

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attributed to the economic crisis
The Pakistan High Commission spokesperson said, “It is pertinent to note that the Pakistan High Commission School was never opened to the general public and was established exclusively to provide education to the children of the High Commission employees Several reports attributed the closure of the school to the economic crisis Pakistan has been facing for several months.

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It has been said in the report that the Pakistani embassy has been facing difficulty in meeting the increasing expenses of every day and meeting its basic needs. As a result, all the employees working in the school were fired, including many Indians.

no budget for delhi school
Many people also say that the new budget that will be presented next month in Pakistan will not include any kind of budget for the school in Delhi.

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Economic crisis in Pakistan is affecting its government employees. His salary has been reduced or there is a delay in getting his salary. According to a report, no employee has received salary for the last 5 to 6 months.

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