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Pakistan Health Staff Cut Newborn Baby Head And Leave It Inside Hindu Womans Womb In Sindh Province

Pakistan Health Staff Cut Newborn Baby Head Inside Mother Womb: A painful and horrifying case of crossing the limits of cruelty to a woman in Pakistan has come to the fore. According to media reports, the newborn baby was beheaded during delivery and left in the mother’s womb. This incident is from Sindh province of Pakistan. After this incident, the woman continued to suffer for several hours. The life of a Hindu woman was put in danger by cutting off the head of a newborn baby and leaving it in the mother’s womb.

According to the information, doctors were not present at the rural health center in a village in Sindh province and the untrained staff was delivering the pregnant Hindu woman. During this, a staff cut off the child’s head and left it inside the womb.

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Cut off the head of the newborn and left it in the mother’s womb

A case of gross negligence of employees has come to light at a rural health center in Sindh province of Pakistan. The life of the woman was played with by cutting off the head of the newborn and leaving it in the mother’s womb. The Sindh government has decided to set up a medical examination board to get to the bottom of the incident and trace the culprits. This woman of Bhil tribe is said to be a resident of Tharparkar district of Pakistan.

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What did the head of the gynecology department at LUMHS say?

Professor Raheel Sikander, head of the gynecology department of Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences (LUMHS) in Jamshoro, said the woman hails from a remote village in Tharparkar district. Earlier she had gone to a Rural Health Center (RHC) in her area, but due to no female gynecologist available, the inexperienced staff caused major trauma to the woman during delivery. He said that during the surgery on Sunday, the staff of the Rural Health Center cut off the head of the newborn baby in the mother’s womb and left it inside.

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There was a big threat to the life of the woman

A woman suffering from pain in Sindh province of Pakistan had to face a fatal situation. He was later rushed to the nearest hospital in Mithi, where there was no facility for his treatment. Later her family brought her to LUMHS, where the rest of the body of the newborn was removed from the mother’s womb, saving her life. Professor Sikander told that the baby’s head was stuck inside and the mother’s uterus had ruptured and they had to open her stomach and take out the head to save her life.

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