Monday, October 2, 2023

Pakistan Blasphemy Samsung Company Ruckus In Pakistan Police Detain 27 Workers

Ruckus in Pakistan: There was ruckus and vandalism in Karachi, Pakistan when the employees of Samsung Company were accused of blasphemy in Star City Mall. In this case, the police have taken 27 employees of the company into custody. It is alleged that a WiFi device was installed in Karachi’s Star City Mall, which allegedly led to blasphemy.

According to the news published in the Dawn news paper, the Karachi Police, understanding the seriousness of the matter, has switched off all Wi-Fi. Along with this, the police have also confiscated the device from which blasphemy was done. The Samsung company has apologized on the matter and said that the company has maintained neutrality on religious matters.

QR code and blasphemy

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The frenzied mob was objecting to the QR code on the billboard of the mobile company, which they believed was blasphemous and was insulting to Allah. Angry with this QR code, the mob raised slogans after the arson. Anger is also being seen on social media regarding the matter.

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Cyber ​​crime wing is investigating

A police officer said that they are working with the Federal Investigation Agency’s cybercrime wing throughout the case to find out who was responsible for setting up these devices. In this case, the employees are being interrogated by taking them into custody.

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Strict laws in Pakistan on blasphemy

Blasphemy is considered a highly sensitive issue in Pakistan, and its accused are easy targets for radical groups. There are also strict laws on blasphemy. Last year, a Sri Lankan worker was lynched to death by a factory worker on charges of blasphemy.

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