Thursday, September 28, 2023

Pakistan Airlines: Economic crisis hit Pakistan? Malaysia seized…

Pakistan: Pakistan, which is facing economic crisis, has now insulted itself at the international level. The one who insults Pakistan is none other than their friendly country Malaysia. Malaysia, a friendly country of the neighboring country, has seized one of Pakistan’s government airlines. According to Pakistani media, the aircraft that Malaysia has seized is a Boeing 777 aircraft. Pakistan had taken it on lease from Malaysia.

According to the report of Pakistani media, Pakistan did not pay the money even after saying several times in the lease dispute at Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur Airport. After taking action, Malaysia confiscated this aircraft. took. Not only this, according to the report of Sama English, such an opportunity has come for the second time when Pakistan has been insulted at the international level. Even before this, Malaysia has seized Pakistan’s aircraft. 

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Pakistan not paying dues 

According to the report, Malaysia has done this due to non-payment of dues of $ 4 million from Pakistan. It is known that Pakistan claims better relations with Malaysia, but after the seizure of the plane, the relationship between the two countries has come to the fore. Tell that Imran Khan also wanted to form an alliance of Islamic countries with Malaysia. 

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How the plane was seized

According to the report, the Malaysian company had been pressurizing for a long time to pay the dues, but it was not easy for Pakistan, which was going through a pauper, to pay. In such a situation, the Malaysian company took an order from the local court and seized the PIA aircraft at the airport. 

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This happened in 2021 as well 

Even before this, in the year 2021, the Pakistani aircraft was seized in Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur. Pakistan of that time had become very dirty. However, then Pakistan somehow resolved the matter by giving assurances. 

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