Friday, December 1, 2023

Open Engineering Scientists Say Potato Can Be Used To Build A House On Mars

British scientist: Scientists from all over the world are searching on Mars. Scientists hope that some important evidence can be found about the possibility of life on this planet. Now scientists of Manchester University have made an important discovery. He has prepared a material, which has been named ‘StarCrete’.

This is a concrete, which can be used to build a house on Mars. You will be surprised to know that starch found in potato, salt and soil of Mars have been used in making this brick. Potato starch, space dust and salt can allow concrete to set into something that’s pretty much regular concrete, according to a study published in the Open Engineering Journal.

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What is the solution in the eyes of scientists?

According to the report, scientists believe that it is difficult and expensive to build any infrastructure in space. In the future, space construction will have to rely on simpler materials. Scientists at Manchester University think ‘Starcrete’ could be the solution. To make this concrete, scientists prepared a fake version of the soil found in Mars. Then the starch found in potatoes and a pinch of salt were added to it.

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Scientists claim that the concrete or brick they have prepared is twice as strong as ordinary concrete. It is better to build on Mars. The scientists’ article has been published in Open Engineering. The research team has told that the starch found in potatoes, when mixed with the artificial dust of Mars, gives strength to concrete. It is twice as strong as normal concrete and many times stronger than concrete made from moon dust.

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Can this brick be used on earth too?

Scientists found in their calculations that 25 kg of dehydrated potato contains enough starch to make 500 kg of ‘Starcrete’. More than 213 bricks can be made from it. The team of scientists now wants to make this brick a reality, scientists believe that if such a brick is used on earth too, carbon emissions can be reduced.

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