Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Now ‘Railway Watch 2047’ Will Be Seen In Every Room Of The Railway…

Indian Railways New Initiatives : Emphasis is being laid on changing the picture of Indian Railways across the country. The Ministry of Railways has decided to install Railway Watch-2047 in every room of its department. This watch will remind every railway officer that what are the targets set by the Railways for the next 25 years. They need railway officials to work at a faster pace.

target of 25 years
Indian Railways has set a target of 25 years to celebrate the centenary year of independence. To fulfill them, the countdown will start with the installation of this special railway watch. Railways does not want that the working style of the officers and employees in the ministry is running on the old pattern.

Officers got warning
On behalf of the Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav, the officials have been continuously warned about their work. The Railway Minister said that work and those who do not want to work, they should take VRS and sit at home.

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100 years of independence will be completed in 2047
Today we country is celebrating the nectar festival of independence, so the most important goal that the Railways has set for the next 25 years is that by the year 2047, 100 years of independence will be completed by then 400 major railways of the country. The stations will be ready with world class facilities.

400 railway stations will be modern
Work is being done on a war footing in the Ministry of Railways. Out of these 400 railway stations, tenders have been issued for 12 major railway stations, while the tender for 45 railway stations is in the advanced stage. A target has been set to develop airport-like facilities at all these railway stations in the next 25 years. These 400 stations will have modern facilities ranging from city center plazas, five star hotels to malls and all kinds of passengers.

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All trains will be Vande Bharat
The Ministry of Railways says that the second target has been set that like Vande Bharat Train Set in the country by the year 2047, all train sets should be like Vande Bharat and their speed is also like high speed trains. are. This is a big goal, which will require major changes in the railway infrastructure across the country.

Work done on PPP model
Indian Railways has now prepared world class railway stations on PPP model in two cities, Bhopal and Gandhinagar, which have all kinds of modern facilities. The Ministry of Railways aims to provide world class facilities to the passengers at all the 400 railway stations that have been identified in the country in the next 25 years.

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clock in every room
Ministry of Railways is specially preparing Railway Watch 2047, which is going to be installed in every room of the Railway Department. Huh.

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