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Not only by drinking alcohol consuming these things can also damage the…

Foods that can damage your Kidneys: Kidney is a small but very important organ of the body, which is necessary to stay healthy. The function of the kidney is to remove waste or toxins from the body. Along with the production of urine, it also secretes hormones that maintain blood pressure smoothly.

According to health experts, there are some foods that can directly damage the kidneys. Due to wrong eating habits and chaotic lifestyle, many types of problems occur in the kidney, such as kidney infection, kidney stone, kidney cancer etc.

What is the function of kidney?

The kidney works to remove waste from the body through urine. Those whose kidney problem is detected in the early stages, they need to change their diet. But the problems of some people are detected in the last stage, due to which they have to undergo dialysis.

early signs of kidney failure

  • loss of appetite
  • body swelling
  • getting too cold
  • skin rashes
  • trouble urinating
  • irritability
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kidney damage

Liquor: Consuming too much alcohol can cause kidney damage. Consuming too much alcohol can cause problems with kidney function, it can affect your brain. Alcohol not only has a bad effect on your kidneys but is also harmful to other organs.

salt : Salt contains sodium, or together with potassium, maintains the proper amount of fluid in the body, but if salt is taken in food, it increases the amount of fluid, which puts more pressure on the kidneys and damages them. can deliver.

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Dairy Products: Excess consumption of dairy products like milk, cottage cheese, cottage cheese, butter is not good for kidney. Dairy products are rich in proteins, which damage the kidneys. Dairy products are also high in calcium, which can lead to kidney stones. So avoid consuming too much of them.

Red meat: Protein is very high in red meat, but protein is also necessary for our body. It becomes difficult for our body to digest such meat, which affects the kidneys.

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