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North Korea Fired Ballistic Missile Sea Between Korean Peninsula Japan Know…

Ballistic Missile Test: North Korea is not deterring from its antics. Pyongyang on Sunday (March 19) fired a mid-range ballistic missile towards the East Sea amid ongoing military exercises between the US and South Korea. This information has been given by the news agency Yonhap citing the army of South Korea.

News agency ANI quoted the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) as saying that Pyongyang has long-range rocket launch pads in the Tongchang-ri area on the country’s west coast. The JCS claimed to have detected the launch at around 11:05 am. The provocation from North Korea took place amid ongoing military exercises between Seoul and Washington. This exercise, which lasts for 11 days, is to end on Thursday.

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What did JCS say?

According to Yonhap news agency, the South Korean military’s JCS informed text reporters, “Our military is maintaining full readiness in close cooperation with the United States” and is increasing surveillance and vigilance in view of a possible launch. This is not the first time that North Korea has fired missiles towards the East Sea, due to which tension has increased in the entire region.

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Missile test for the third time after US-South Korea exercise

North Korea launched an intercontinental ballistic missile named Hwasong-17 last week. At the same time, Japan’s Defense Ministry and Coast Guard said that it appears that the North Korean missile was fired on Sunday morning. This is North Korea’s third weapons test since the US and South Korean military began their joint military drills last week.

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North Korean leader Kim Jong has described this military exercise of America and South Korea as starting an invasion. However, the US and South Korea say their training is only a defensive step. US-South Korean military exercises include computer simulations and field exercises.

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