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Nini Wngkha – T A S K I ft. Suman Murasing Teaser Released

Written by Altaf Shaikh

Finally, the all-new Kokborok song teaser video is now out. For the first time in the Tripura music scenario, EDM has been introduced in Kokborok songs.

T A S K I aka Tapas Kalai, is an EDM producer and talented DJ who has created the music track Nini Wngkha featuring the Songwriter Mr. Suman Murashing.


And it seems like majority of the people are liking it.

Nini Wngkha is basically a romantic love song where Miss. Biva Jamatia and Jupi Debbarma are being Casted on the Music Video.


The official trailer of the music video has been released on YouTube, and within just a period of 24 hours, it has already been viewed over 45000 times (approx).

Nini Wngkha Teaser Music Video

I know lot of you guys are eager to watch the final video, just like I do. And I am happy to announce that the video might be releasing soon, later within this week.

For now if you want to listen the full audio song you can just download the song from here,

Download Nini Wngkha Mp3 File

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