New Construction Warranties and Why You Need Them

New Construction Warranties and Why You Need Them
Written by Aishwarya Gaikwad

A new construction purchase presents the buyer with the excitement of a new home that meets their needs. They spend months looking over home designs and searching for the perfect lot. The purchase could give some buyers their dream home and all the great features they want the most.

A home warranty is a great option for protecting the property and giving the new owner a necessary break. It provides discounts on vital services they will need to maintain the property and repair vital installations throughout the home. Property owners could save hundreds of dollars each year by purchasing a home warranty.

Contractors Warranties Do Not Cover the Entire Home

The contractor’s warranty will last one year only, and it will not cover the load-bearing walls. The walls support the property, and if the contractor doesn’t use durable and long-lasting building materials, the walls could become damaged long before they should.

With a home warranty, the property owner gets more protection for the load-bearing walls, and if the contractor uses inferior products, the homeowner could use their home warranty to correct this issue. New construction buyers can contact a service provider to get more information about a warranty for home builders now.

Better Protection for the Foundation and Common Problems

The foundation is vital for all properties, and if there are foundation problems, there will be problems throughout the property. A common problem with the foundation is the soil underneath it, and the contractor must test it before laying the foundation.

If there are signs of soil erosion or landslides, the property owner needs this information, and they may need to choose a new lot for their property. It could cause instability of the foundation. A home warranty will provide coverage for foundation problems, but the buyer must choose the best lot for their new home.

The Framing Could Become Damaged Overtime

The framing and support for the property will require maintenance and proper inspections. The new homeowner must consider common attributes of the location where they build their home and whether the framing and support could experience significantly high moisture issues.

A home warranty provides discounts on services to maintain the framing and support systems, but it is vital for the homeowner to determine if there are clauses that could restrict coverage in more humid or tropical locales.

More Comprehensive Property Inspections

When starting a home warranty, the new homeowner will need to get a more comprehensive property inspection. They will get a home inspection before the property closing and during certain phases of the construction. However, for a home warranty, the home warranty company will want to complete an additional inspection to identify issues that could present issues for the property buyer.

Does the Electrical System Meet All Building Codes?

The electrical system must meet all building codes, and the contractor must schedule an inspection with the building inspector at the end of the installation. However, after the homeowner moves into the property, they might discover problems that exist in the electrical system. A home warranty gives them coverage for the electrical system, and they can schedule maintenance services as needed.

The electrical systems are covered under basic home warranty plans. If the property owner needs repairs, they contact the home warranty company to set up the services. The home warranty company will screen all local service providers and connect the homeowner with a top-notch service provider.

Are There Any Existing Plumbing Problems?

The plumbing system must operate properly, and even a simple problem could become a major disaster for a property owner. A home warranty gives the property owner an inspection of their plumbing system, and if there are any problems, the property owner can schedule repairs through their home warranty company.

Plumbing issues can lead to not just repairs or complete replacements, but the property owner may have to schedule sum pumping or cleanup services if their septic tank becomes damaged and leaks. These extra services could be astronomical for a property owner, and they cannot avoid the repairs since plumbing is vital, and the disasters present serious health risks.

What Major Appliances Did the Buyer Choose?

Major appliances may come with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers them for a limited amount of time. The homeowner will need to complete maintenance services according to the instructions in the warranty. The homeowner can also extend the manufacturer’s warranty, and they can get more out of their coverage.

A home warranty offers more protection, and the property owner could save a lot of money when they need repairs or have to replace the appliance altogether. Major appliances present excessive costs, and homeowners need all the help they can get for these sudden expenses.

Better Protection for the HVAC Systems

Heating, cooling, and ventilation systems must perform properly to keep the property at a comfortable temperature throughout the year. If the systems fail, the property owner could face health risks and potential property damage. When buying a new home, the property owner receives a brand-new heating and cooling system. The home warranty covers the system, but the homeowner must follow instructions for maintaining the systems.

If the property owner doesn’t complete maintenance services, they could lose coverage through their home warranty. Many home warranties provide coverage and discounts for maintenance services for the heating, cooling, and ventilation systems.

New home buyers must consider several factors when building a brand-new property. Most new home buyers get a contractor’s warranty for their property, but the coverage doesn’t present protection for all the problems that could go wrong with a new construction. They must consider a better way to protect themselves from excessive upfront costs.

A home warranty gives the homeowner options for saving money on necessary repairs and replacement services. The home warranty company offers connections with prescreened service providers, and they coordinate the appointments for the services. They also present the property owner with a complete estimate for the services and what service fees apply to the services.

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