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National Girl Child Day 2023: When is National Girl Child Day? Learn about this day…

National Girl Child Day 2023: Girls play an important role in the welfare and development of any society. A girl child, who grows up in a healthy environment, becomes a capable woman, who contributes towards keeping the family, society and country healthy. Today girls are working in almost every field and are strengthening their position, but there was a time when girls were killed in the womb itself. Due to this the problem of gender inequality increased. After birth, her child would get married, due to which she loses her childhood. They are deprived of physical, mental and social development and at the same time, being pregnant at an early age also affects the health of both the adolescent girl and the child. All these have an impact on the development of the country as well. National Girl Child Day is celebrated every year in the month of January with the aim of ending these evils against the girls and bringing the adolescent girls to the first position of the society. Government and UNICEF together are running many schemes for the girls, so that their all-round development can be done and a safe society can be created for the girls to live. Let us know about the history and importance of National Girl Child Day, as well as learn about UNICEF’s plans for adolescent girls.

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Why is Girl’s Day celebrated only on January 24?

There is a special reason behind celebrating Girl Child Day on 24th January only. Because of the country’s first woman Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, Girl’s Day started being celebrated on January 24. When Indira Gandhi became the Prime Minister of the country for the first time in 1966, her swearing-in ceremony took place only on 24 January. This day is important for the empowerment of women in the history of India. To make this day memorable, it was decided to celebrate National Girl Child Day on 24th January.

Importance of National Girl Child Day

International Day of the Girl Child is celebrated every year on 11 October with the aim of increasing the share of girls in the world and paving the way for better health, education and career of adolescent girls. The purpose of celebrating this day is to make women aware of their rights and women empowerment.



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