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NASA Orion Spacecraft Successfully Enters Moons Orbit Will Make News Record…

NASA Orion Spacecraft: The Orion capsule spacecraft of the US space agency NASA was placed in the Moon’s orbit on Friday (November 25). Officials said that after the initial delay of the Moon mission, it is now progressing successfully. The US space agency said that a week after the spacecraft flew to the Moon from Florida, it has been established in the Moon Orbit after covering a distance of thousands of miles.

According to NASA, the capsule and the three test dummies inside have entered the Moon’s orbit more than a week after launch. It will remain in this wide but stable orbit for about a week. This spacecraft will take astronauts to the Moon in the coming years. According to the report, the Orion capsule was at a distance of about 380000 km from the Earth till Friday and it is expected to reach a maximum distance of about 432000 km in the coming few days. Let us tell you that along with this, it will create a new record for the distance covered by a capsule made to carry people.

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New record can be made

Earlier, since the last Apollo mission in 1972, this is the first spacecraft to set foot on the surface of the Moon. Three test dummies have also been kept in this vehicle with no crew, whose purpose is to ensure that the vehicle is safe for flight. NASA said that the orbit is so far away that Orion will fly about 40,000 miles above the Moon. In addition, flight controllers will monitor key systems in lunar orbit and test the space environment. Orion will take about a week to complete half the orbit around the Moon.

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News Reels

Landing will happen in the Pacific Ocean on December 11

According to NASA, after this somewhere the vehicle will come out of the Moon’s orbit and fly back to Earth. NASA has estimated that on Saturday the spacecraft is expected to go as far as 40,000 miles from the Moon, which would be a record for a habitable capsule. Let us tell you that the current record is of Apollo 13 spacecraft at 248655 miles ie (400171 km) from the Earth. Orion will land in the Pacific Ocean on December 11 after a 25-day flight.

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According to the space agency, the success of this mission will determine the future of the Artemis 2 mission in 2024, which will take astronauts around the Moon without landing. After this, in the year 2025, Artemis 3, which will finally take humans to the surface of the moon.

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