NASA Found The Solution To Protect Earth From The Destruction By Bennu

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A giant asteroid “Bennu” is heading towards earth, NASA confirmed that the asteroid Bennu is 94 million miles away from the Sun, which is larger than the empire building and has a chance of 1/2700 to collide our planet by 2135. In About 200 years there is a chance it could sail close enough to cause a massive destruction.

The good news is NASA launched a spacecraft called OSIRIS-REx is on its way to collect a several pounds of asteroid samples and return them to earth. The scientist will examine the rock samples, to find out the possibilities to protect the earth from this errant rocks.

These explorations will provide planetary scientists with a wealth of new information, says Bill Bottke, who studies asteroids at the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio.

NASA Found The Solution To Protect Earth From The Destruction By Bennu

“Locked in asteroids are stories that are telling us what was going on when the planets formed when the solar nebula was still around,” he says. What processes does it take to form a planet?”

Bennu rotate around its axis and revolve around the sun, the inky surface of Bennu when exposed to sunlight it absorbs the heat like asphalt, as it rotates into the dark, the warmth radiates into space and cool down again, due to this temperature change a tiny nudge is produced called as “Yarkovsky effect”. which will change the orbit of Bennu over time.

OSIRIS-REx project scientist Jason P. Dworkin says that “If it was up to me, I would send a rocket with some titanium dioxide on it and paint it white, and have that Yarkovksy effect accelerate, and move it away from the Earth,” Dworkin says. Titanium dioxide is a common ingredient in sunscreen, and it looks chalky white. A spacecraft could fly to a dangerous asteroid, enter orbit around it, and spray-paint it.

He also said deflecting the “Bennu” by painting on its surface might work, but it will require at list minimum 50 years. On the other hand, if the Painting doesn’t work they need to use the nuclear weapons to destroy and break the asteroids.

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