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Nail Abnormalities Such changes nails indicate disease know the symptoms and…

Nail Abnormalities Symptoms: Just as many diseases are detected by the changing color of the body, similarly, by the changing color of the nails, you can understand the signs of many diseases. According to health experts, abnormalities seen in the hands and feet can tell a lot about your health. These are often signs of a fungal infection and injury to the nails, but sometimes they can also indicate an underlying condition.

Let us tell you that due to the increase of bad cholesterol in the body, many changes are seen in the body, but do you know that it also affects the nails. According to health experts, the color of nails often gives information about major diseases. According to the news of WebMD, if you see a change in the nails, then you should be alert because a change in the color of the nails is a sign of poor health. Let us know what are these changes-

Yellowing of nails: According to health experts, if a person’s nails start turning yellow, then it is a sign of increasing cholesterol level in the body. Actually, it is digested that your blood circulation is not happening properly, due to which the nails also start cracking and its growth also stops. In some cases, yellow nails can be a sign of thyroid, lung and diabetes.

Green and black nails: The green and black nails are due to an overgrowth of bacteria called Pseudomonas in them. It can be treated by applying an eye antibiotic to the underside of the nail and dipping the affected nail in an antiseptic solution or vinegar.

White and discolored nails: According to health experts, if the nails start turning white, then hepatitis or liver disease is going to happen. At the same time, if the color of the nails is discolored or withered, then it can be a sign of anemia, heart failure, liver disease and malnutrition.

Light blue and pink nails: If the color of your nails is looking light blue or pink, then it means that the body is not getting enough oxygen. This is pointing to lung and heart problems. Also, pink color indicates some serious disease, heart disease, serious infection etc.

Nail streaks and rough nails: The presence of stripes in the nails means that it indicates deficiency of Vitamin-B, B-12, Zinc deficiency. On the other hand, if the nail thickness starts growing abnormally or their layer starts thickening, then it can be a sign of diabetes, lung infection and arthritis.

Defense Methods: First of all, you need to make changes in your lifestyle, during this time you will definitely have to eat green vegetables in the diet. If there is a change in the color of the nails or any other changes are seen, first of all contact your doctor. Apart from this, eat more and more fruits daily, this will also keep cholesterol in the body under control. Also make it a habit to exercise daily. This will also keep your body fit.

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