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Nagaland First Woman Minister: Meet Nagaland’s first woman minister Salhoutuonuo…

first woman minister of nagaland


Nagaland First Woman Minister: Recently assembly elections were held in Nagaland. A historic change was seen in Nagaland after the results of the assembly elections this time. It has been almost 60 years since the formation of the state of Nagaland. Nagaland was formed in the year 1963, after which for the first time a woman minister has been appointed in Nagaland. Creating history, for the first time on March 2, 2023, the women of Nagaland contested and won the legislative elections. Also a woman was elected the first woman minister of the state. Salhoutunso Krusi has taken oath as the first woman minister of Nagaland. The special thing is that he took the oath of the post of minister on March 7, a day before International Women’s Day. Let us know who is Salhoutuonuo Krusi, who has traveled to become the first woman minister of Nagaland, and how is her political career.

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Two women legislators for the first time in Nagaland

Salhoutuonuo Krusi, who became the first woman minister of Nagaland, has won the assembly elections. In fact, 60 years after the formation of the state, two women were elected as legislators in Nagaland. This was the 13th assembly election of Nagaland, in which Salhoutuonuo Krusi and Hekani Jakhalu won, opening the way for women to the assembly.

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Who is Salhoutuonuo Krusi?

Salhoutuonuo Krusi, who won the assembly elections, took oath as a minister in Kohima. Krusie is a resident of Nagaland and runs a hotel here. Krusi is the wife of late NDPP candidate Kavisekho Krusi. Kavisekho was defeated in the Nagaland assembly elections in the year 2018. Later in the year 2021 he died due to Kovid.

Crusie enrolled this year to fulfill her husband’s unfulfilled wish. She contested the election for the first time and stood as an independent candidate against Kenezhako Nakharo from the Western Angami seat. He registered a historic victory on this seat by just seven votes. Later sworn in as the first woman minister of the state in front of the Prime Minister.

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Cruci’s education and achievements

Salhoutuonuo Krusi did his pre-university education from Kohima College. Later worked as a proprietor in a private school in Nagaland itself. She has also been working for social reform and women’s upliftment and is also the head of Angami Women’s Organization.



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