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Mustard Oil For Hair Regrow Sarso Ke Tel Me Methi Dana Ke Fayde Fenugreek…

Garlic Fenugreek Seed With Mustard Oil: Nowadays people are most worried about hair fall and whitening. In such a situation, people do not know how many shampoos and oils are applied. If you want to keep your hair healthy for a long time, then use mustard oil. Mustard oil makes hair black and thick. By applying oil, the hair becomes very velvety in a few days.

Also take care of the diet for the health of the hair. Apart from this, some home remedies can also improve the health of the hair. While applying mustard oil in the hair, apply garlic and fenugreek together. This makes the hair long, thick and black. These home remedies promote good hair growth. Mixing garlic and fenugreek in mustard oil gives a magical effect on the hair. Know how to use.

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benefits of garlic for hair

Garlic benefits for hair. Many medicinal properties are found in garlic. It is rich in sulfur and selenium, which make hair strong. Using garlic on the hair reduces the problem of hair breakage. This gives relief in hair fall. Anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties are found in garlic, which eliminates the germs present on the scalp.

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benefits of fenugreek for hair

Fenugreek is also very beneficial for hair. Protein and vitamin C are found in fenugreek seeds. Using fenugreek on hair keeps the scalp healthy. Using fenugreek makes hair thick and long. Iron is also found in fenugreek, due to which blood circulation remains fine. Using fenugreek on hair makes hair shiny and strong.

Mix fenugreek and garlic in mustard oil and apply it on the hair.

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Apply fenugreek and garlic together in mustard oil on the hair. For this, soak fenugreek seeds in some water overnight. Make a paste by grinding fenugreek and garlic every day. Heat mustard oil lightly and add fenugreek-garlic paste to it. Now apply this paste on the hair scalp. Use this paste on your hair at least once a week. This will lead to good hair growth. Hair will become black and thick.

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