Must Listen To TASKI EDM Songs From Northeast India

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Tapas Kalai AKA TASKI is one of those rare artists that goes against the grain but keeps it cool, strives to be different but stays true to his artistry, with his newly composed EDM mixes and remixes sounding house and bass buzzing electronic dance music hits has crafted an entire music cult, his unique musical attitude brings inspiration to every music lovers and artists.

Well, it’s difficult to say everything about oneself in one sentence; it really takes time to tell the stories, Hailing from Tripura a Small Northeastern State has many talented artists; the only thing lack is spotlight, TASKI an EDM music Producer / DJ and many rock musicians have been entertaining and inspiring since a decade.

So let’s do it together, let’s support them, let’s give them what they deserve. If you are reading this article I will be very happy if you share it so that everyone can enjoy the newly released album of TASKI. We had a small conversation with TASKI, you can read it below.

Listen to Some of the Best mixes and Remixes of TASKI

Now obviously, middle-class family, doesn’t love studies but doing engineering due to family pressure but loves music, came from rock background and played with a band but started discovering how sound listens and talks to you and then meet and made few friends and then through band found ” the Nikhilesh Debbarma ” and showed me that you know you can make music with this software and also gave me but later because I didn’t have a pc.

Until then and waited for a year or two and got one ( 2013 ) and then started the journey or u may say exploring music but again family doesn’t support so yeah… u can get it. Now inspirational wise I would really like to say that you if you want to achieve something you have got to be the fucking weirdest, craziest and shit if you know what

Now inspirational wise I would really like to say that you if you want to achieve something you have got to be the fucking weirdest, craziest and shit if you know what I mean.

Forget about what other people think about you and your ego or what so ever or even forget distraction/ temptation ( this is my case ) now I didn’t know how are you going react but I ain’t scared of the truth. So yeah and keep on doing what keeps you moving physically and even mentally.

And artistically speaking if you respect other artist work and take it seriously and truly support them, I m freaking sure they will do something good for you, that’s NATURE.

And if you are a dick head, who doesn’t care what others do and follows your own shit.Please, my request to you leaves the fucking road. This path is not for you, you can do something else awesomely.

My style of music would be bass and House music, you will know if you listen to my first album COLD and other Tracks and remixes. And I love Saw leads, like those massive ones with Lots of voices and yes how can I forget vocal leads with huge reverb on it and pitching around and playing with it and lastly Orchestral music (i call it goosebumps music ) It’s really awesome and I truly love it listening as well as making and playing them. Well I play guitar, keyboard but best in clapping hands Yei

Nikhilesh Debbarma
I believe “When you share the knowledge gained from your experiences, you can make the world a better place”. Learning is a never-ending journey, so never stop learning.


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