The 4 Must Have Cool Gadgets For Mobile Which You Might Be Not Aware Of.

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Are you a  gadget freak? What if I let you know lot more about the gadgets that you might not be aware of!

Technologies nowadays are booming in the market, well obvious is that the technologies and gadgets sure have made our life easier and comfortable. And today gadgets and technologies became one of the basic needs of human life. With the invention of the cellphone, computers, vehicles, and so on, we humans really have moved forward faster right after the birth of technologies. But does the human stop right there?  One human trait nature is that they love to develop, evolve and keep moving forward.

So, people, these days are coming up with many more innovative ideas, trying to solve complex things and eventually making more and easier the life.

And today we are blessed with numerous of technologies and gadgets all around, thanks to those people who bring us this awesomeness in our life.

Among the great invention, mobile phones are one of the human’s best modern unavoidable technologies each and every person must have. Isn’t it crazy? That life’s without the mobile phone is harder now? And like I said one human trait nature is that they always come up with new innovative things and so today lets us talk about mobile technologies which we might not aware of the invention.


  1. Pebble PowerShare-Z

I believe at least once, in your life, you had come across this thinking what if you can also transfer or borrow the battery charge from others mobile handset? Well now, here it is, for real. Now you don’t need to worry about running out of battery.The 4 Must Have Cool Gadgets For Mobile Which You Might Be Not Aware Of.


You can charge the mobile from one phone to another with the help of this device known as Pebble PowerShare-Z. This device comes with the size just as small as pen drive, you can carry it in the pocket or carry it in a keychain wherever you want it to. With this gadget, you can either transfer or charge the mobile from any other mobile devices. Remember, this gadget is not for charging from zero to fully 100 %.

  1. Window Solar Charge

Back to back! People out there are solving the problem about mobile battery charging, making more easier for us to go out without worrying about the battery life. This device is known as Window Solar Charge, a solar device to charge your phone battery sticking to the window under bright sunlight.The 4 Must Have Cool Gadgets For Mobile Which You Might Be Not Aware Of.


This is an eco-friendly charging technology device, it is portable and can be carried everywhere easily. The great thing about this gadget is that it does not require any external power for charging the mobile and because of that it requires a lot of time to be fully charged compare to general charge and can be charged only during daytime under sunlight.

  1. Mini Mobile Printer

Who doesn’t love taking photos?  As the mobile camera quality is improving, people tend to take their pics using mobile. And if you want to print it out those photos from your mobile, it sure takes long process right?

No longer! You can thank this portable mini mobile printer, that prints out anything you want it right from your mobile on the go by simply connecting your mobile to this device anywhere anytime, as the device is portable.


The 4 Must Have Cool Gadgets For Mobile Which You Might Be Not Aware Of.


Are you a gamer? Do you love playing games with the joystick? Well now you can also play a mobile game using the joystick, this will make you feel more like gaming and easy to play without bringing any tiredness to the fingers.


The 4 Must Have Cool Gadgets For Mobile Which You Might Be Not Aware Of.

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