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Monsoon Trip: Romantic Places For Monsoon Trip

Monsoon Romance : Rain is the perfect season for romance. Couples come very close to each other at this time. Cool winds and light rain in the evening increase the romance between the couples. But if you are planning to go somewhere with your partner in this season and you are having trouble in choosing the place then this news is for you. There are many places to visit in monsoon in India which can increase the romance between you and your partner.

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If you are thinking of going somewhere in this season, then these 3 destinations can be a good option for you. The special thing about all these destinations is that they are all famous for romance.

Mausinram, Meghalaya

The wettest place on earth is a beautiful place that people rarely pay attention to. The beautiful Mausinram is situated on the hills in the state of Meghalaya, and is one of the most unique places ever visited in India. Mausinram village receives 467 inches of rain annually and vacationing here is nothing short of experiencing paradise.

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Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

Located in the state of Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal is a beautiful hill town that is perfect for your monsoon vacation. The misty weather of Kodaikanal makes it a comfortable place for a holiday, as it gets cold and windy during this time of the year. The best places to visit in Kodaikanal are Kodaikanal Lake, Bryant Park and Cokers Walk. The best time to visit this place is the end of July and August.

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Alleppey, Kerala

Kerala is the only state from where the monsoon starts. In the rain, the beauty of this place gets four moons. Kerala’s most captivating destination, Alleppey is a great destination to visit in itself, and then monsoon comes with all its magical promises and creates something even more extraordinary. The experience of rain in Kerala is something you will never forget. There can be no better place for couples in monsoon than this.

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